Pharrell’s Vivienne Westwood “Mountain” Hat Up For Sale on eBay

Partnering together with eBay, Pharrell Williams is offering his famous Vivienne Westwood hat, which he gathered a ton of attention over during its debut at the Grammy's, where the proceeds from the auction will go on to benefit his educational non-profit, From One Hand to Another. Pharrell went on to explain why he was parting from his hat, going on to say the following:

I'm giving up the Buffalo Hat I wore to the Grammy's™ to help underserved kids get the educational tools they need.  Our organization, From One Hand to Another, is committed to bringing kids experiences that ignite their passions, challenge their minds and prepare them for success.

In addition to auctioning off his hat, Pharrell also curated various collections of items which you can also view here. The auction for the hat opened up at $200.00, and seems to be climbing quickly, so if you're interested in being the lucky owner, you can click here and join the bidding.

By: Staff / News / February 21, 2014 / 4439 Views
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    Put that in the Smithsonian

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    Free shipping!

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    "Only you can prevent forest fires..."

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    I know right? That was pretty fucking cool, wasn't it?

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    Why did Smokey the Bear never have children?

    Every time his wife gets hot, he beats her with a shovel.

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    "Only you can prevent forest fires..."

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