Odd Future Labelled a “Threat to Public Order” and Not Allowed to Enter New Zealand

After stepping in to replace Kendrick Lamar on the Rapture Festival line-up, it looks like Tyler the Creator and his Odd Future crew will also not be joining Eminem on stage in New Zealand, as they have apparently been blocked from entering the country. According to New Zealand immigration, the Odd Future crew is considered a "potential threat to public order," and have now had their visas revoked an hour before they were scheduled to fly.

The Immigration Act 2009 provides that entry permission may not be granted where there is reason to believe there is, or is likely to be, a threat or risk to public order or the public interest... Odd Future has been deemed to be a potential threat to public order and the public interest for several reasons, including incidents at past performances in which they have incited violence. In one instance, a police officer was hospitalised following a riot incited by Odd Future.

Tyler and Odd Future's manager have since responded on twitter: