Music Essentials: G-Dragon

Paying tribute to the influence of music upon youth and culture, our sister publication, The HYPEBEAST Magazine, has released its 6th issue as a toast to the crossover between music and fashion, dubbing it The Rhapsody Issue and revealing its cover story as Korean music sensation G-Dragon. Having first stepped in to the Korean music scene in 2001, G-Dragon has not only succeeded musically in an array of genres that stretch from punk to pop to hip-hop and more, but also stands as an influential figure in the world of fashion, linking him with collaborations from the likes of Ambush to Stampd. His constant successes in K-Pop are a reflection of his ongoing advancement on a global scale, with his tracks not only topping Korean charts but picking up creative partnerships from across the musical spectrum with the likes of Missy Elliot, Diplo, Baauer, Sky Ferreira and Boys Noize all just within his latest album, Coup d'Etat. Looking at G-Dragon's essentials, his interest in fashion is apparent upon first glance, with everything from the embellishments of his Hermes bag to the quirky placement a Chanel shopping bag, all instantly showcasing the curation of his style and sharing an intricate peek into his creative personality.

By: Staff / Essentials / February 26, 2014 / 87334 Views
  • pittalo

    Something very sus about this dude, can't quite put my finger on it...

  • Courtney Hall


  • shaboom of my questions has been answered.

  • qwertyuiop

    Well those pink Js were made exclusively for GS sizes, (so exclusively for kids'/chicks') but maybe he just has small feet. But it is pink though. He does have a lambo though.. but the lanyards pink. Well he does have a grill and other cool bling. But then again his phone has stickers of handsome looking guys with make up on. What about his macbo... I mean his manly purs... well he appears to like chrome---hearts...? Hahaha SUUUSSS!!!

  • chahemin

    "I like iphone games" lol GD so normal :)

  • Taylor

    Pahahaha. The sticker on the back of his phone is a picture of himself from a music video.

  • shaboom

    He loves pink.

  • GtotheD


  • Jillian

    the pictures on his iphone are of him and his dog. lol

    also. in the kpop world, pink is a color anyone can wear. if anything, if you can pull it off it makes you the better person (who can wear anything and still look good). That's kind of GD's motto to live by I would assume. It's actually a lyric in one of his songs.

    "I can wear anything and it's a photoshoot."-Knock Out GD&TOP

    Chrome Hearts is a very prominent jewelry designer in the USA, Europe and Asia. It's just a name.

    If you look at his music genre-everyones wearing make up. And once again-he pulls it off and with class. Make up on a humans face is just as much art (if done right) as a painting on a canvas. I kind of look at it like tattoos-just less pain.

    Idk. GD's not the only one doing it when it comes to make up, "man purses" or pink. It's the whole genre. GD just does it the best and that's why he is getting recognized for it. I think he likes to play on the fact that he is more feminine than most kpop stars (which is a stretch because admittedly...many of them are kind of feminine). He comes right out and says "I may be petite and I can rock a wig and trick you any day but hell-I'm the hottest piece of thing in the room".

    That's my take on it at least.

    Nothing SUS about it at all.

  • qwertyuiop

    LOL look, I'd just like to point out before I get any hate that idc if he's gay or not. Making fun and questioning someone's sexual orientation is hilarious no matter wtf you sexual orientation is. Shiiet, I have some very good friends that are gay, they'd question your shit regardless of how manly you look. Everybody finds it even a little hilarious, so calm yo tats. Nobody here is actually serious, you'll just waste energy. Main point: ....sUS!!

  • annie


    I remember him saying he's had this Chrome Hearts crush since he saw the brand featured in a 1TYM MV (and saying how it was too expensive lololol look at him now....)

    I thought the car keys were going to be for the Bentley LOL

  • Jeslin

    Lol. He also has green Thom Browne shoes, Pink Saint Laurent shoes, etc. A fashionista like him will experiment with colours to enhance his style. The lanyard is a Chrome Hearts X BIGBANG collaboration (all neon colour: green, orange, yellow, pink; I would choose pink too as it's the easier colour to match?) and the sticker is himself in "Crayon" MV with his dog Gaho made by Mina Kwon.

  • Jeslin

    He bought a new Lamborghini last year. ^^

  • Jeslin

    Puzzled with the paper weight though. Lol.

  • SariRainMJ

    Thanks for defending him. But I don't think a guy needs to defend make-up, or the color pink, or anything, or characterize it in a way that makes it "okay for guys." It's okay for guys, just as much as it's okay for girls, to like pink or wear make-up. One of my favorite things about him is how he doesn't shy away from things that are "for girls" just because he happens to be male. Gendering things is strange and archaic, even if it is still the social norm. People like him give me hope for a future where we don't gender stuff as menial as rubbing different hues on our faces. Anyway... even calling him "sus" in general, as if it's a negative thing to maybe be gay (and I'm not saying he is or isn't. His sexuality is his own business), is stupid as hell and immature as hell. What would it matter if he is totally gay? It takes nothing away from him. He's still all the things they said in this article. Talented, fashionable, creative. How would his sexual orientation even change that? (That's not so much directed at you, though. Just the idea in general and the beginning of this conversation.)

  • SariRainMJ

    Just saying... "I have gay friends" means nothing, tbh. And no, it's not hilarious. If you can't joke in a way that doesn't offend people, you're not very funny.

  • Jeslin

    People can think whatever they want cuz he doesn't give a fxxk. Lol. They can't take away his achievement, success, talent and $$$ from him. =p While they are busy criticizing him, he is probably busy counting his earnings, browsing the latest Saint Laurent catalogue or playing with his iPhone games.

  • beentrillmeh

    For those of us who actually shop at Chanel, that's a small "shopping" bag.

  • Jillian

    i totally agree. i feel like people should be able to wear whatever they want. i mainly phrased it in that way because i know that certain people will just disregard me before I even get started because thats the way many people think nowadays. they cant see anything thats outside of their own country and cant accept things if they are different. i took the "this is how it is in other countries" route because I thought it might make more sense to people who cant seem to figure out kpop (i've met too many).

    but im right there with you with the gender norms. It's rediculous that a guy cant carry something bigger than a wallet without being called gay. And even if he is...who cares. Can a gay guy not wear camouflage then?

    So even just looking at that as a topic and forgetting about the kpop industrys look, it's still really sad.

    I hope some day people can stop looking at people for their orientation and start looking at them for who they are.

    Sorry. GD carrying his "man purse" is really freakin' fly lol.

    *Raises glass to you* To the end of gender norms!

  • Jillian

    Short. Sweet. And too the point. I like you. :)

    "He likes pink,"

    That really should just be the end of the argument right there.

  • Luzhniki

    gwiyooooo ah i dont know how to say cute in koreans lol... want the keyring, and the key, n the aventador itself please lol idk about put your own face on the iphone case ewwww Ji, please, the star syndrom isnt over yet? :P

  • shaboom

    Thank you XD

  • Holly

    It's to hold down all his money. (I happily help feed his bank account. lol)

  • Vikeejeah

    SHABOOOOOOM! You've been missed on BBU <3

  • Vikeejeah

    I think my fave thing is the Fendi Key ring. It's so adorable! That and the Charlie Brown & Snoopy Macbook case. SO DAMN CUTE! I remember growing up and watching Charlie Brown right before The Cosby Show. It was the only tv I was allowed to watch besides PBS. It's just so cool to see a glimpse into his little quirks (I mean a paperweight. Really?) and love of American pop culture. I really love these "What's in my bag" kind of things because it gives us a chance to see people like GD in a more personal way.

  • lu zaw htet

    can i get the best of GD photo?I want to change the profile picture but no more GD

  • lu zaw htet

    as u fucking.u are more more want to tell with GD

  • BlackSense

    Car key is the only thing that i want.

  • Jeslin

    Same here. LOL!

  • Gió Mùa Hạ

    Like this

  • shaboom

    Vikeejeah, I miss you and other BBU friends so bad. But I can't go there, not now because I know I won't be able to stop spazzing and keep my mind clean. Hehehehe.. I need to attend an exam this Saturday, I'll be back on Sunday. I just finished my extra work because I need money to attend BB fm in less than three weeks. OMG, I'm so excited about that.

  • Vikeejeah

    OMG!!!! Have fun at the fm. Yea girl we'll be here you just study and work hard so you can have an amazing time at the BB fm. Take lots of pics!!!

  • Kiimie Uchiha

    He's too damn adorable it sickens me, how, I wanna marry him just by looking at this, T.O.P you're a lucky guy.

  • Ethan

    Card holder for his BLACK CARD!!!!

  • Courtney Hall

    The hottest producer! ! ! ! ! !

  • Courtney Hall
  • Gandolf

    thank you so much for your in depth insight ...

  • shaboom

    Thank you :) I might start crying the moment they appear on stage. It's been so long.
    I miss Tabi a lot but I guess I have to wait for another year to see him. :(

  • paris


  • goldktgal

    Maybe its like a worry stone. He likes something heavy in his pocket. OR its a throwing star for those crazy fans who chase him.

  • goldktgal

    GD must like Chrome hearts. I love the pictures on his phone.


    this...aint hypetrak...

  • klr21

    his everyday stuff altogether is worth more than my car. i wonder why he needs a paperweight though.

  • Jacqueline

    Pink is a color that women find attractive and sexually appealing. Back in the '80's men wore pastels (including pink) and they weren't looked at as gay. Eighties fashions are back in again just modernized. Yet, the wearing of pink is a color that draws women eyes to men. They see a man wearing it because the color is appealing to them. They see it on an attractive man and now he has the ladies.

    Having a "man purse" isn't weird. Men all over Europe and such carry bags to hold all their electronics, papers, and all as they go about their day in their business dealings. They are only colors. Yet colors also draw the eye to certain areas for sexual appeal and he knows exactly what to do to stand out. Wearing, carrying, and sporting pink does not make you gay. There are very muscular men that you wouldn't know are gay, even very straight looking men in business suits who are also gay, as well as men who don't have any kind of fashion sense and slightly chubby who are gay. None of these men wear pink on any occasion unless (sometimes) it is in the presence of other gay men or at events. So because a man has anything pink or pastel does not gay make.

  • Oppa Lumpa

    i laughed. it's a fucking CHROME HEARTS paper weight. fucking ridiculous xP

  • fulltimefangirl

    Word. I am this close to sending YG all my credit cards and bank account details to minimize the hassle. All my money's going to GD and the rest of the YG Family anyway.

  • fulltimefangirl

    His bag alone is worth more than my life savings. Forget about the scarf and key ring. That's a bit depressing considering I have devotedly contributed to his wealth over the years one way or another. Thankfully, I can easily go to Youtube and watch his videos to keep me happy. LOL

  • emily235

    Omfg this little bitch