MF Doom and Bishop Nehru: Beyond The Mask (Mini-Documentary)

One of the more intriguing hip-hop collaborations we'll get this year involves uprising NYC rapper Bishop Nehru and the legendary MF Doom. No release date has been officially announced, however the two skilled rhyme-sayers explain that the synergy is strong and that fans will be in for a treat. In this new mini-documentary, a camera follows the two around and documents the two throughout the whole creative process. Check out the first part above and stay tuned for more details.

By: Staff / Hip hop / February 28, 2014 / 5209 Views
  • Lazy Eyed Republican

    Bruh, I'd be in tears almost to hear DOOM speak of me like that If I was a rapper. Dude is a straight legend. Bishop Nehru is very thankful and blessed for the opportunity. This is just a great vid overall fam.

  • Courtney Hall
  • jim caesar

    has to be a piss take