Lily Allen Calls Her New Album ‘Sheezus’

How's that for creativity? UK singer/songwriter Lilly Allen decided to name her new album Sheezus. She confirmed this decision during the latest episode of BBC's Graham Norton Show, calling it "a confident title choice and a little nod to Kanye West" as he's been a great inspiration for her. There's not more information on the upcoming long-player for now other than it is likely to feature Allen's recent singles "Hard Out Here" and "L8 CMMR." It will be interesting to see how Kanye will respond to this.

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / February 21, 2014 / 2414 Views
  • Fat Trel

    You put 'Yeezus' instead of 'Sheezus' in the text dawg

  • Phuc Pham

    Erm you said that she'd name her album "Yeezus"

  • KO

    Hahaha.. Pun intended.. She just got a new fan!

  • IAmAGod

    "yeezy taught me"

  • kanye west

    This bitch has been WHACK from day one.