Kanye West Gives ‘Quality of Life’ Speech

With the Yeezus Tour in full swing, the greatest show on the planet hit the great white north in Montreal last night, with Kanye dropping some gems for the audience with yet another speech. The lengthy, yet uplifting dialogue was about improving ones quality of life through their contributions to society. If you have about 20-minutes to spare, press play above to hear some 'Yeezy life lessons.'

By: Davis Huynh / Live / February 18, 2014 / 4609 Views
  • OK_ok

    Kanye ranting on stage and Virgil selling ugly clothes to hypebeasts.

    Yeah, these two are really on some Steve Jobs/Wozniak-shit.

    Looking thumbs up for the trillion dollar business. But then again, all the imbecile sheeps out there sucking Ye´s dick for what it´s worth and living vicariously through various Instagram accounts will probably praise this with several *praying hands* emojis.

    Sad celeb-obsessed culture. Fortnunately the people who consume this crap have the least influence in society.

  • http://pittalo.tumblr.com/ pittalo

    It's not that diabolical, bruh bruh. Fuck Virgil tho

  • guest

    i cant stand those hypebeasts with the praying hands emojis!!! virgil puts a blank picture and all u see is that "wave" and the "praying hands" ... idiots!

  • D

    I like when multimillionaires give speeches about "quality of life".

  • steve jobs

    @OK_ok why are you on a blog that affiliates with pop/celebrity culture? You're those annoying people thinking they're better than other people, just because your views are "different". SHUT THE FUCK UP. YOU DON'T HAVE THE ANSWERS HOE!

  • fwqreq

    you didnt actually listen to the whole thing did you...

  • DD

    captain obvious strikes again

  • OK_ok

    There are many people whom are better than myself. However, I will make a statement that I´m better than those uneducated fools out there living in some of the worst zip-codes while giving out *praying hands* emojis.

  • obi-bashtin

    if you don't like hypebeast life style ignore it duh.
    >Inb4 "You´re just a hater

    nah you're one of those my lifestyle is better then yours. So imma explain the flaws since its mainstream is wrong bullshit. If people do the "*praying hands* emojis" don't get effected by it nigga.

  • IV


  • UglyFrank

    Bunch of niggas on stage with 5 mics haha

  • Mo

    What you're saying is obvious to most people, but getting mad about it and "ranting" in the comments does nothing. Make something better or shut the fuck up, simple as that.

  • guest


  • I am who I am


  • Guest

    I like how you pretend like he has been a millionaire his whole life.

  • Sean

    My head hurts.

  • Homosexual Black Muslim Man


    edit: I know someone's going to reply that it's actually "whom", but that is incorrect.. to anyone that is considering doing so, please google the grammar before making a fool of yourself on here..

  • :)

    Why are you so bitter? I see where you are coming from but just get what you can from what he's saying and better yourself..and just leave it at that.

  • Twon

    You clearly didn't watch any of the video. But if you had listened to AT LEAST FIVE MINUTES AND THIRTY SECONDS of it you'd know that Kanye's speech was all about NOT being a sheep and NOT feeding into celebrity culture. I bet you're probably a super successful and positive guy in real life, but online maybe you should actually listen before you speak.

  • Manny Conrad

    Kanye is a good example from which one should separate the art from the artist. The way he delivers his music, in many people's opinion, incredible. Sadly many people, including myself, can only connect with his "struggle" from a metaphorical standpoint. I don't design clothes. I am a student and work as a line cook to get by. I see how the monetary system has been washing the middle class away from society and I fight every day to make sure I nor anyone I know drown in the process. So, when I see Kanye use his music as a median to express his struggle with a higher authority, I can very much fuck with that.

    inb4 "dick rider" comments.

  • Garrett Nutgrass

    It's possible to love Kanye and hate Virgil, I'm an example!

  • OK_ok

    "I see how the monetary system has been washing the middle class away from society and I fight every day to make sure I nor anyone I know drown in the process"

    - what a VAGUE pretentious comment. You list zero economic terms such as adverse selection, fiscal policies, GPAs etc. You just write some bullshit pretentious words that you think will sound "beautiful" while you become the laughing stock of anyone who´s ever attended 5 years of b-school including MBA.

    It´s like me describing the sport of Basketball as "balls & energy in a mind-blowing ensemble" - just as pretentious and totally useless

  • OK_ok

    I´m danish - english is my second language. I don´t have to execute every word perfect.

    Any of you speak Danish? I write Danish, english and french.

  • Guest


  • leejh7906


  • trista niap

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  • Manny Conrad

    So you use a statement that I would rather not explain in full detail to stray away from a proper retort? Tight butthole, man.

  • OK_ok

    Your name is literally "Manny Conrad". Why don´t you drink some artesian coffee, listen to Arcade Fire while jerking of to Zoey Deschanel you pretentious Williamsburg douchebag?

  • Manny Conrad