Kanye West Gets Back at Critics During Pennsylvania Show

What would a Yeezus experience be without an infamous rant from Kanye West himself. Well just two days ago, he once again did just that. Kicking things off at the Bryce Jordan Center in University Park, Pennsylvania as part of the second leg of his Yeezus tour, Kanye West took some time to speak on some of media folks he's dealt with over the course of 2013 and well, here's what he had to say (full video footage of this can be seen above):

We can be writing all this sh–, 2013 spoofing and all that sh– trying to make a joke out of what we do. Shut the f— up. What the f— you do. Hold on, they going to say I’m screaming so let me say it in a very nice and claim way so you know I’m not upset. “What the f— did you do?” Everybody who be writing all that sh– to f—ing dissing me and talk sh–. What the fuck did you do? What did you do with the past ten years of your f—ing life? Charalamgne? Sway? F— you did? F— these ni–as names is I am Yeezus!

Ye' also went on to show appreciation towards fans and went on to say:

I couldn’t be standing right here right now if it weren’t for all of ya’ll supporting me over all these years screaming on people on my behalf, like ya’ll are my family. Like, ‘Don’t say sh– about ‘Ye’!”

By: Staff / Live / February 15, 2014 / 6064 Views
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  • Jesus Kristo

    Yeezus forever

  • Huzzah

    Yeah, you get back at those bad men for calling you names. Those jerks. You'll get them. Poopy-heads. Sniff. :(

  • SI

    Crazy show! Whatever people say, can't deny he makes good music and knows how to put on a show

  • nigga

    but why is he throwing sway's name in the mud? wtf did sway do to him?

  • Black Guy

    not have the answers

  • DamnSon

    u missed a fuck in the 1st part

  • NightBlazer

    Kanye right though. How would you feel if you accomplish so much in your life to have people attack you for ratings. Granted I UNDERSTAND everyone has the RIGHT to their opinions but theres a point where it gets old (Charlagme). His whole career is based off talking shit, no skill needed. Yeezus just talking facts

  • NightBlazer

    However I don't agree that he should have attacked Sway. Sway is an important figure in hip-hop interviewing various legends. He deserves respect

  • dillydally

    By far his most coherent rant yet. So much more enjoyable to hear him screaming when rational thought is being utilised. Good for you for finally learning how to put a sentence together. Now I just which he would drop the whole bethoven / micheal-angelo bullshit.

  • Dr. Swagadoodle

    Kanye West has a low self monitor.

    -Mike, MFA at SMD U.

  • cw

    Why do you have to censor the expletives? No one out here is like 8 or some shit...

  • H / // I F

    it's so beautiful to see so much love for kanye west here on hypetrak :')

    im getting sick of these youtube comments from people sitting in front of the pc just typing those 7 letters (g** f***) not knowing what this guy achieved

  • truth

    they censor fuck and shit but make a post on HB about playboy showing tits and pussy.

  • SmithAgentSmith

    wait for it ...

  • SmithAgentSmith

    Sways had a voice for years, but as far as interviewers go ... Nardwuar > Sway

  • Kurt

    fuck d``` riders though

  • Bo Bun

    Thanks, Black Guy.

  • chiraqqq

    As far as hip-hop interviews go. Sway > Nardwuar

  • Com_Truise

    But this has nothing to do with Nardwuar... Nardwuar didn't even interview Kanye yet.

  • Olor900

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  • hahahaswayhaha

    yea absolutely not. as far as hip hop goes Nardwuar > Sway