Watch Kanye West’s Interview and Career-Spanning Medley on ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

Replacing Jimmy Fallon with Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday night, Meyers invited none other than Kanye West for the show's second episode. Like any other late show appearance from Mr West, the interview became another TV highlight. The conversation touched upon subjects like the liberating power of the Yeezus tour’s notorious Margiela mask, making music versus fashion designing, breaking down creative walls, his daughter North's influence on his approach to life and the need for profanity to get his message across, comparing himself to nudity on European TV, and much more. Concluding his appearance on the show, Kanye offered career-spanning medley that includes one song each from all his albums except Watch The Throne. Watch both segments below.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Live / February 26, 2014 / 9349 Views
  • Gnarled

    Damn that was nostalgic. Time to go find my pink polo and listen to the entire discography.

  • Patrick Anniskette

    hella awkward.

  • Chav

    kanye doesnt get joking banter

  • Patrick Anniskette

    That's some people tho, I'm the same way.

  • eh

    Can we talk about how Kanye went from no press to just way to much? Like, actually, wtf. Why man?

  • Nigga Super Swagadocious

    Kanye made Nigga Super Swagadocious cry. So much nostalgia in one video I went Benjamin Button in this bitch. As for the newly infamous rating...on a scale of Super Niggalicious Swag-o-Meter...Kanye receives..."Daniel-san Crane Kick your Abdomen so hard your face looking like a Kiss concert swank master raw killa krunk Jesus bumps SUPUH SWAGADOCIOUS."

  • Swazi

    In English...

  • CharleyGFX

    nostalgia. 10 years in 5 mins.. YEEZUS!!!

    To every negative post that is about to come.. I just want you to know..

  • Lucas Alamo

    Your comment takes me back to when I was in 5th grade, at the time I went to a uniform school which required white polos as the dress code so & I couldnt afford the actual pink polos so I had went to utrecht to buy a dye kit and dyed my shit pink,

  • H / // I F

    your avi is killin me LMAO

  • Marcus

    Out there grindin. I like that bruh bruh.

  • Guest

    How has no one said anything about that little ass chair kanye was sitting on. LoL that shit look like when u get in trouble and gotta go to the principals office.

  • Tha General

    Swazi, my dude, you need to learn to speak Swag... It's the 3rd most common language in the world after English and French. Step yo language game up fool.


    'discussinh' hypetrak going ham on their spelling.

  • kanye west

    now thats how you leave a stage.


    yeah, right when it got to All of the Lights


    it's so annoying to me that dude isn't eccentric on these interviews. so fuckin fake articulate and shit.

  • Mez D

    lol yeah Seth would be joking and Kanye turns it into a metaphor about life

  • MikeyBrock


  • DD

    you are not europe.


    I wonder if Kanye is trying to do something in fashion?

  • Courtney Hall

    NO GAS THO .... this kid has potential to be on YE level !!! "THE HOTTEST PRODUCER" --->

  • Nigga Super Swagadocious

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    -Nigga Super Swagadocious

  • SpaceGhostPurrp

    At his chicago Yeezus show he said in his "rant" that he is going to outsmart the media. Mission accomplished. Look at anchorman 2. Anchorman is such a good funny movie they cant put it on tv. So they need a terrible second one to air on televisoin. Not only is kanye in that movie that will always be on tv. But That movie also is a spoof of the media. So Genius.


    Nothing from The Throne Though? hmmmmm.....

  • dude.

    stop courtney.

  • guest

    yea jimmys show is way more entertaining though.

  • gangstablng3

    anyone else notice how mad kanye looked when he told him hes never that serious ?! lolol

  • gangstablng3

    im gonna stop watchin videos on your website if you make me watch a add to see the last 10 SECONDS of the video fuck you hypetrak

  • adblock bruh.

  • yeshlo

    swagadocious ur avatar is next level btw

  • Nigga Super Swagadocious
  • Nigga Super Swagadocious
  • Nigga Super Swagadocious
  • Nigga Super Swagadocious
  • Nigga Super Swagadocious
  • Nigga Super Swagadocious

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  • Courtney Hall


  • Courtney Hall


  • Courtney Hall


  • Courtney Hall
  • jk

    this dude is fuckin cool

  • factormax

    props to this interviewer for not being scared on kanye. i think a lot of people are scared to ask question cause they'll get fucked up like sway. great shit all the way around