Kanye West and Chief Keef Collaboration Has Been Confirmed

Chief Keef's manager Peeda Pan recently sat down with XXL to speak on Keef's upcoming Bang 3 project following some rumors of the two possibly working together just days ago. So when asked about the rumored collaboration, Peeda Pan confirmed and stated “Yeah, they working on a few songs for each other’s projects,” and “Kanye will definitely be on Keef’s album on Bang 3.” And according to Pan, there seems to be a special bond between both artists:

"There’s just certain things you and that person will have in common and you can identify that person’s upbringing and their struggle,” he says. “So I think, Kanye sees a lot of Keef’s rebelliousness in himself and he identifies with it. It’s also a mentor kind of thing. More musically for someone like ‘Ye versus just being the day-to-day. But still, just to be able to have that presence [and] being involved in a project.”

He further asserts that Bang 3 will not be a mixtape but a full album.