Imagine Dragons & Kendrick Lamar Perform “Radioactive” Remix on SNL

Following up their amazing performance at the GRAMMY Awards last week, Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons rejoined forces as the musical guests for last night's taping of Saturday Night Live. Much to the pleasure of the audience, the group turned in an energetic live rendition of the "Radioactive" remix. Enjoy!

By: Petar Kujundzic / Live / February 2, 2014 / 8164 Views / Source: YARDIE/Mr. World Premiere
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    -__- what's the point? This isn't enough to make both of the acts crossover artists. Jay-Z and Lincoln Park did this like 10 years ago. In all fairness show me something I don't know and don't act like this shit is new in order to captive people. "We don't believe you need more people" or you just gotta come harder.

  • disqus_nkiRrRbSUe

    Actually Run DMC and Aerosmith did this like 25 years ago. Do it better.

  • talkingalone

    Good speech bro

  • Jabjal

    You took the time out of your day to post two comments about how much you hated this performance instead of just editing your first post. Be honest now, are you a salty come-up artist?

  • Corey Simmons

    Did u see there grammy performance? amazing! Why u hating?

  • MHWB

    Yea, bruh, you gotta quit hurtin'.
    This goes hard. Anyone pushing their limits is worth saluting.

  • choospacamp

    YOU do better.

  • gangstablng3

    this shit was awesome

  • Luis

    So not only is Kendrick not making new music, but is also performing with one of the worst rock acts of last year.

  • Com_Truise

    Yeah they made Rock song 25 years ago, too. Doesn't take away todays Rock Music the right to exist, right?

  • disqus_nkiRrRbSUe

    No, but that's not my point. My point is do it better. It's like a half planned attempt for Kendrick to cross over and it's so obvious that that's all I really see from this.

  • disqus_nkiRrRbSUe