Hudson Mohawke featuring Oliver Day Soul – Forever I

Just in case you missed it, as a part of his recent Valentine's Day Slow Jams Mix, DJ/producer Hudson Mohawke liberated a new jam, featuring assistance from Oliver Day Soul. The smooth lovers anthem is highlighted by the vocals from Oliver, with Hudson of course handling the instrumental duties. Again, the fresh cut can be also found on the producer's recent Valentine's Day mix.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Alternative / February 17, 2014 / 1915 Views
  • mackenzie wunderlich

    my Aunty Julia got silver Volkswagen Beetle Convertible by
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  • Eduardo

    OHHHHHH SHIT!?!?!?! JULIA COPPED DA BUG!!!!!!! yo mackenzie, this is Eduardo, I met you at the #BeenTrill pop-up shop in Omaha, we were making out and the song "Changed" by Rascal Flatts was playing in the mall food court. Let's just say the kiss totes "changed" me. I'd love to get together, maybe we could watch all the Lord of the Rings and give each other foot massages. Hehe. Just an idea. Hit me on snap chat. i'm willing to send u nudes ;#@. btdubz, i LOVE volkswagens!!!! my aunt esther has a passat!!!!! omg we have so much in common>!>!>!>!

  • Mature Gambino

    Damn Eduardo i cant believe you coped the volkswagen aswell such a reliable car, you and mackenzie sound like a match made in heaven. I am pretty jelous though because it was love at first sight when i saw her profile picture and her heart warming story of her Aunt. Anyways best of luck to you two and your true love

  • Teenage Gambino

    Damn I finna cop a bug too

  • gir

    OLIVIER not oliver

  • Pre-pubescent Gambino

    whats a bug?