Drake Responds to Lawsuit over OVO Owl Necklace

Last year a lawsuit against Drake and his OVO camp surfaced, as jeweller Michael Raphael pinned Drake and his team for copyright infringement and damages regarding a collection of $50,000 diamond-studded platinum necklaces. Raphael was asked to design and create the necklaces, but Drake eventually replicated knockoff versions for his friends, resulting in Raphael not only laying legal claims against the rapper but also demanding the knockoffs be put in his possession.

According to Drake, however, the logo does not belong to him or to Raphael, as it is actually taken from an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph that represents the letter "M," pictured below.

By: Zahra Jamshed / News / February 12, 2014 / 2873 Views
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  • partyanne

    dat photo of Drizzy!

  • Nikola Tesla

    Straight bitch nigga move. Multi-millionaire does't give working artist props for his design.
    That nigga's pussyhole owl don't look nothing like the basic hieroglyph. That OVO owl clearly custom made for Drake's faggot ass, complete with those fuck off big 'pls take me back pls' eyes. That owl look like it face got frozen when it got sent to the friend zone in the middle of some 'i won't hurt you like he does' shit. This nigga Michael captured the aesthetic of your bitch ass faggotry and transposed that shit on to a motherfucking owl and you still don't wanna give him props?
    Light-skinned bitchery is at 100

  • Martin Murillo

    Drake's camp does own that Logo tho. The eyes and beak spell OVO. This jeweler is mad because Drake went to a different jeweler to make the rest of the necklaces.