Yung Lean – Gatorade

Yung Lean and the Sad Boys collective are in for a big New Year. Kicking off things in a real way, the Swedish rapper offers up the visualization for his Yung Gud-produced Unknown Death 2002 cut "Gatorade." The DIY video perfectly conveys the oddly addictive vibe of the song. 2014 is going to be a "sad" year. Tune up above.

By Staff / Music Videos / January 2, 2014 / 3937 Views
  • czar

    Been a Sadboy for some time now! Hope he has a big year

  • aknhkns

    Finally made it to Hypetrak

  • Valentine416

    Yoo this fuckin kid is amazing did you see the video for "Kyoto"? Sad Boys all year round bitch lol I need an album from him now

  • Kappa

    Arteezy invented Yung Lean

  • wesh morray

    Lol. thats what I told myself.

    I remember the interview with Vice in April 13'

    and now.. well done kid
    their music is cool tho

  • aknhkns

    Waiting on that news for next album

  • KrixusGalactus

    Cool !



  • kanye west

    this is hilarious

  • Tortuga

    "Every six months a different white person slightly rearranges and dilutes Lil B’s formula and gets a little bit of blog shine off of it" - Noz

  • bruce sharp

    i know a million other dude sthat should get posts over this fruitcake

  • Luxey

    I'm in tears right now, so emotional

  • Cruel Bob Love

    yung gud is pretty ill

  • real dude

    yep that article was hilarious, now this niggas got some real attention. i love the 21st century. we're gonna have mars colonies, legal weed, and hovercars by 2050 probably. gen x is gonna be so jealous when they're like 70 lol

  • real dude


  • gossipfolk

    And here you are thinking Lean has only been out here for a year... smh

  • AndreMusic301

  • Rothschild