ScHoolboy Q Reveals ‘Oxymoron’ Album Covers & Releases “Break The Bank”

Following up the recent release of his "Man of the Year" music video, ScHoolboy Q has revealed the selection of album covers -- one for the standard edition and one for the deluxe edition -- for the upcoming release of Oxymoron. For the standard edition, Q's lovely daughter Joy poses with her father's face tats while the deluxe edition features a Q "ski mask way" mug shot similar to Habits & Contradictions. Set to release on February 25, the album will include 2013 highlights such as "Collard Greens" and "Man of the Year," as well today's surprise release "Break the Bank," produced by The Alchemist. Check out the artwork above and stream "Break the Bank" below.

By: Zahra Jamshed / News / January 21, 2014 / 12028 Views
  • chiraqqq

    I see yah bruh

  • James Moshis

    god dammmm

  • thib

    OH YESS this hard.. q at it again!

  • mikeekoch

    oh, wow, goes hard!

  • Anonymous

    shits hard, reminds me of some old g-unit

  • Yawk

    that chorus actually almost made me cry


    Please EVERYBODY, support this man. and get kendrick out of ppl's mouth. Q deserve HIS TIME.

  • Heinz

    Is that Chester from Linkin Park singing the hook? LoL.

  • wolf_mccloud

    gaaaaadddddddd this is too firey!
    dat hook>

    dat flow>
    those covers>

    my nigga Q gonna win w/ this album!

  • True

    what does Kendrick have anything to do with the success of this album? that's a hater's mentality.

  • Boris

    shit goes hard

  • Brem Finnie

    they used the same font

  • Erm

    He did the graffiti for GKMC though....

  • Guess…t

    Not a font...Its his handwriting

  • hibitch

    <3 Q

  • General_URSUS

    made the stank face when the beat dropped, cant wait for the album.

  • guest

    wasnt that bad

  • Burner

    Right Kendrick and Schoolboy are signed to the same label fuck are you saying lmfao! "TDE we got the belt" ... WE not just ONE.

  • Yawk

    I meant cry because it was too inspirational

  • Marcus

    The hook is too corny for me.

  • Patrick Maitwe

    Q's always steppin his game up. I can't believe it.

  • you knows it

    typeface, son, typeface. But it is actually handwriting. Q's handwriting.