ScHoolboy Q – Man Of The Year

With ScHoolboy Q's highly-awaited album OxyMoron mere weeks away, Q unveils the video for his track "Man of the Year." Surrounded by some of the most beautiful sights nature has to offer, ScHoolboy spends the video celebrating exactly how we'd hope the man of the year would. If you haven't yet, add this one to your collection via iTunes. OxyMoron impacts February 25.

By: Eric Montanez / Music Videos / January 17, 2014 / 15823 Views
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  • J W

    My TDE withdrawal is so real that I find this immensely underwhelming. I almost want to cry, knowing that I'll probably have to wait another fucking 6 months for the next "new release".

  • cw

    Bitches' asses slapping your face to keep you awake = the moment you realize you're that nigga

  • Guest

    schoolboy never not looking homeless

  • uhu bounce

    A LOT better than those flat asses on that 'bitch dont kill my vibe' preview

  • guest

    school boy q must be eating REAL good aha

  • lama

    I need to know all the model names!!!

  • ohhword

    Oxymoron is out 2-25 breh.

  • DAN


  • Themcl

    I swear I see Miranda Cosgrove in there at like the 3:00 mark.

  • J W


  • Josh Daigle

    Isaiah Rashad's Cilvia due out Jan. 28.

  • Josh Daigle

    I kinda like that though. To me it shows that he's not letting his fame go to his head.

  • Lol

    Lead shorty is Ria Christina. Another one of 'em is Nikki Sotelo. Don't know the rest.

    You're gonna go rub one out now, aren't you?

  • Real nigga


  • Nate Dillard

    "In TDE We Trust"

  • sb

    these broads are badddd

  • jd


  • moron

    Clearly, ass wasn't the point of that video..idiot

  • phuckouttahere

    this nigga been eating my nigga

  • Dane

    lmao no one else is hip