OutKast Reunion at Coachella Confirmed

During a recent interview with Stereogum, Organized Noize member Rico Wade reaffirmed that OutKast's long-awaited reunion would come during the 2014 installment of Coachcella. In addition to confirming the festival slot, Wade also mentioned that he hoped to lock down a guest appearance from his younger cousin, Future, during the set. Read an excerpt from the Future-oriented interview below, or check it out in full by clicking here.

As we bide our time in the lobby, he affably spills the beans about unreleased Andre 3000 solo songs from a decade ago and his hopes to score Future a cameo during OutKast’s reunion sets at Coachella. Eventually he pulls out his iPhone and plays me a Future/Andre collaboration he produced called “Benz Bitch” that’s earmarked for Honest. It’s yet another side of Future and one rarely heard: brainy, libidinous space-age funk mined from Stankonia’s dankest caverns, an homage to his Dungeon Family roots.

By: Eric Montanez / News / January 3, 2014 / 24072 Views / Source: Stereogum
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    thank you baby jesus

  • StephonVersacePurham

    I'm gonna be straight up crying through this whole performance tho real talk! so excited!

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    thank u based god

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    Might have to go to Coachella this year.

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    Dont get too excited, its gonna be a hologram of Andre 3000 perfoming

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    Here's to hoping OutKast will make new music together in 2014, after Andre 3000 and Future made a song together

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    this post gave me wood

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    andre needs to drop that solo album we were all promised last year

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    Rico Wade tag tho. well played....

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    If you live in California and have the money and then don't go to Coachella this year you a little bitch

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    Hey Guys, I created a tshirt to celebrate their reunion!
    Check it out at: http://bit.ly/outkastreturns