Music Essentials: Rainer

Rainer consists of Nic Nell and Rebekah Raa, who both share an affinity for making soundtracks to long bus journeys and rainy walks home. Delivering a unique repertoire that blends the ghoulish hip-hop sounds of Clams Casino and Hudson Mohawke with nimbus odes from the likes of Brolin, oOoOO and Darkstar, the London-based duo addressed two of life's most eminent currencies last year via Girls/Money. The EP saw Rebekah flaunt her sultry vocals amid Nic's fluttering drum rolls and off beat synths, while their most recent efforts HOPE/SATIN/GLASS/DREAMS furthers the band's blend of indie-pop and pensive aesthetics. Here, we catch up with the band via our latest Music Essentials. Amid the usual technical equipment needed to pursuit their craft, we also see examples of one of Nic's favorite past-times: making chili sauce, alongside a small Cacti plant which does its share in brightening up the mood during long studio sessions. For more on Rainer head to their webpage and SoundCloud.


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