Ibn Inglor – Cold Storm

Ibn Inglor really is on a new wave with this new visual for "Cold Storm" from his latest project release, New Wave. The aggressive Chicago rapper linked with Andre Muir and Emmet Kilmer of TEHO Media for the intriguing aesthetic, which showcases the young rhymer in filtered red form. The clip somehow meshes perfectly with Ibn's dark and menacing material, as we are looking forward to his release of New Wave 2, which is expected to arrive at some point before SXSW. For now, enjoy the "Cold Storm" video above.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Music Videos / January 15, 2014 / 1096 Views / Source: NOISEY
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  • Medsharif25

    wow dude didn't even try to hide the fact that he's biting Kanye

  • kanyedickriders

    you guys are real dickriders, video is dope. not one thing about this video is kanye-ish, no dots connect what so ever between the 2 except chicago

  • cmonson

    wow, this is crazy! he's done it again

  • kanyeasseaters

    you guys done eating kanye's ass yet? this video is crazy good

  • Ibn Jasper

    Ok Ibn.

  • Take the L

    You should try making more original music instead of defending this blatant biting bruh, the bloggers may be this stupid but the fans aren't

  • stilleatingass

    you sound stupid talking to me like i'm him, but i'd love for you to explain the biting part because i can't see it

  • ibetyoudresslikeye

    I guess this is a copying Kanye because of the use of RED. Ye wore RED, made RED shoes with Nike and LV. YOU CAN NOT FORGET WHEN YE Mentions Red and white kappa ones in school spirit. totally riding the kanye cock.... LMFAO y'all some fools.

  • drdernial

    I don't think this is copying Kanye. I don't think it's any good either...