DOOM For Clarks Originals

DOOM aka MF DOOM has linked up with Clarks to collaborate on his own commemorative Wallabee shoe. It's part of their company's Original Pioneers campaign that highlights each innovators in various industries. As you'll notice, the shoe showcases the iconic Doom mask on parts of the show and on the box itself. Stay tuned for more details.

By: Davis Huynh / Behind The Scenes / January 9, 2014 / 3952 Views
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  • KK

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  • Yuck

    Cats be readin' Marx where I'm from.

  • LookingForMySonChiefKeef

    Calm that shit down fuckboy, only posted for a few videos

  • Cruel Bob Love

    What was that last beat though

  • xistence

    The ending to Bookhead by JJ DOOM

  • Courtney Hall

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  • no1d

    This shit sucks, no wonder you're so desperate you post on blog comments lol.

  • LookingForMySonChiefKeef

    check out the other song, Sirens, that one has lyrical content....and nah not desperate nigga, just tryna spread my work out by any means possible.

  • Luicioni
  • damnit, sanford

    ma niqqa, this was mixed horribly. the quality is horrble. sounds like it was recorded with a tape recorder.

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    I just want some Ghostface Wallabees