Coachella Lineup Released, Outkast Tops Headliners

Following the recent reveal that Outkast would reunite at Coachella 2014, the 'Coachella Music & Arts Festival' has now revealed the artist lineup for this year's performances, confirming the reunion while simultaneously boasting an array of other artist highlights. OutKast tops the list of headliners, alongside the likes of Muse, Disclosure, Chromeo, Chance the Rapper and more. Peep the lineup below and head to Coachella online for more.


By: Zahra Jamshed / News / January 9, 2014 / 5482 Views
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  • Jazzy

    no Grimes?

  • maikel

    me every year


    OUTKAST fnjkasfjklaskfa;dfkaf!!!!!!!

  • ej

    grimes played last year. unless a band had an awesome year like HAIM, they usually don't play right after each other.

  • Not Ralph Tho

    it would be better with odd future

  • dam whodie

    no lil b? :/

  • guest

    calm down. acting like no one knew they were gonna be there

  • Jesse


  • gangstablng3

    disappointing i wouldnt make an effort to go to coachella the only people i havent seen thatd id like to is outkast, i feel like nobody really goes to coachella for the music but to say "im at coachella bitch"

  • Marcus

    If you live in Cali and don't go to Coachella you a little bitch

  • fghjiko

    obviously.. who else should top headliners?!

  • bruce sharp

    i would only go day 1 tho

  • Luicioni

    someone get these guys on HT.
    just heard it and its tight as fuck.

  • Valentine416

    That's the case with pretty much everything now. Everyone just wants something to put on instagram and twitter

  • Dev