Childish Gambino – Sweatpants (Community Music Video)

Marking Donald Glover's very last episode on the Community TV series, a music video has been released that pulls scenes from the show and compiles them to coincide with Glover's -- or Childish Gambino's -- "Sweatpants." Filled with clips that mesh perfectly with the track's lyrics, the video acts as a sort of tribute to Glover and the show. Peep above and share your thoughts below.

By: Zahra Jamshed / Music Videos / January 24, 2014 / 6963 Views
  • mr jones

    hypetrak posting more and more garbage these days.

  • James Moshis

    Community and Donald Glover are both amazing.. you should feel bad.

  • obi-bashtin

    The comments on this site is garbage too. Can't complain tho...Because the Internet.

  • Yuck

    Sigh, educated Negroes in Blackface . . . no thanks.

  • SuckANiggaDickFo2014

    The nigga thought Chief Keef said "A fart, nigga, that's that shit I dont like" he's just a semi smart nig that mimics & copies everyone else's flow's & the way he's been acting on t.v. & shit, he's doin the very same with his "rapping". My opinion.... nigga is just too corny. All the fuckboi's on his dick tho.. Stay there.

  • Mike Thompson

    Nigga go find a hobby. You mad at life and it's your own damn fault.

  • SuckANiggaDickFo2014

    Mike Thompson. You are a fuckboi.

  • Yuck
  • lord quas

    haha spaceghostpurrp still mad

  • mr jones

    yeah i really want to see a montage of random clips to one of his songs.

    there are a million of these videos on youtube

  • hp

    He's corny, but he can rap

  • cw

    Support the homies, just did a song With Chance the Rapper's little brother

  • troy

    chief keef doesn't even know what he says.

  • Pretty_flacko

    i love it