Travi$ Scott featuring A$AP Ferg – Uptown

Here comes the visual companion for Travi$ Scott and A$AP Ferg's WondaGurl-produced collaboration "Uptown." Filmed before hitting the road for the 'Yeezus Tour' and directed by Travi$ himself, the cinematic eight-minute visual is laced with symbolic references and follows an under-the-influence Scott trying to stay composed throughout the night. Enjoy!

By: Petar Kujundzic / Music Videos / December 2, 2013 / 6436 Views
  • CharleyGFX

    uhm.. so.. the golden child's got the answers?

  • truth.

    This nigga never ceases to disappoint...beat was cool though

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  • dis dookie

    song dookie

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    video dookie

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    dookie dookie

  • TPapp

    So that was just the raw footage right?

  • Duh

    The only person who does most of his stuff himself and does it well is Tyler. Travis should have someone else direct his videos for him.

  • Sway’s Answers

    Trying way to hard to be artsy?

  • Jabjal

    I think the only thing getting in Travis way on the road to being a competent artist is his interest in being something else. There's talent there but if he stopped trying to emulate and strive to be Kanye and really find his own digging ground he'll be straight. Ferg sequence was enjoyable though

  • freshINCLUDED

    that ferg verse tho

  • George

    Travis' arms are mad long yo

  • Brandon E. D.

    Huge fan of Travis, but the vid was a little far fetched.

  • Masters uh da Universe

    the concept was dope, the execution couldve been a bit sharper though. The imagery could've synced a bit better with the music too.

  • True

    I would enjoy the visuals more if the music didn't keep stopping so abruptly

  • guest

    r u sure?

  • TopBananas

    I have to agree that he's Kanye-esque at times. I know Travi$ has been involved with many G.O.O.D. Music/affiliates projects and that he produces but I can't distinguish between what he had a hand in vs. a piece of work that's solely his creation. Joints from Owl Pharaoh, MNIMN, and MCHG sound so familiar.

  • jeff

    Been saying this for a while. His early music was great and that's what drew me in as a fan. His videos have always been pretty derivative but his music was definitely unique. Hope that as time goes on he grows into his own artist. Musically he seems to be copying kanye, videos he seems to be copying tyler but in a darker way and style wise he is copying ian connor. Before he made his way into the spotlight he was much more of an individual. I'm still a fan but he's definitely lost my interest.

  • I am who I am

    Did WondaGurl produce everything I thought Travi$ produced ?

  • I am who I am

    Other than the pauses not being done well, and the wild extraneous caucasions.. I liked it. *shrugs* Especially during and after Ferg's verse. Maybe do the whole video like that. Idk.

  • I am who I am

    Sway does not have the answers. Therefore this comment does not exist.

  • Guest

    Coulda been more relevant to the song too ..

  • lord quas

    that jacket was made for women just sayin

  • SomeOtherGuy

    The entire video should have been like Fergs part, the song is way to direct for this elaborate set and theme...

  • wangle

    anyone know the song at the very end? make me wanna gig

  • Fucku

    Quit saying he copying kanye, Kanye copied him, Like when da fuck did kanye make a video and a song like this?

  • Fucku

    Its called "Artsy"

  • Fucku

    Anyone who knows what bomber that is he's wearing?

  • HA

    I disagree, I see it more as Kanye copying Travis, Kanye has had one album in which he has the same sound as travis... and of course this was after he met travis. I mean look at what happened to HIT-BOY, he had a sound kanye liked so kanye brought him in close, bled his sound dry then travis came along with a new sound so kanye moved on. what's hit-boy doing now?, Kanye didn't renew his contract cos he found something else to jump on be like 'I got here first'. Kanye uses people for there creativeness and he always has. Your idiots to think Kanye created that sound

  • Ha

    Sorry to any grammar Nazi's.

  • TopBananas

    i can see that

  • Ha

    I should have replied to another post as you weren't really stating 'everyone copies kanye', but yeah Kanye is a 'new and innovative' sound whore, shame he no longer makes the sounds he uses, just finds the dudes doing it, brings them in close puts em on a temp contract and uses his reach to the mainstream to make it as if the sound is his.

  • Yeezus Loves You


  • Jean Paul Versace

    dat butt wiggle

  • HA

    Soz yeezus, had to tell em.

  • Fuego

    Only Crown And Uptown He Just Adds Production To Those Songs.