TNGHT Announce Hiatus

It looks like production superduo TNGHT will be splitting up for the time being. The group recently delivered the message "until the next time we meet," across their social networking sites. With both Hudson Mohawk and Lunice having very active solo careers, it's easy to understand why the two will be taking time off from the project. Until they reunite, TNGHT will be remembered for including exciting live shows, a great self-titled EP, a few excellent remixes, and their lone single "Acrylics."

By: Eric Montanez / News / December 28, 2013 / 4154 Views
  • church

    I appreciate the formal announcement. It's too many niggas that just make you wait until everybody just assumes it's a wrap. Every day, "oooo when it's gonna be some new shit from them?" Additionally, I'm excited for HudMo in particular, as I felt this project was holding him back somehow. He's a real scientist and a lowkey dude, and I feel the hype from this and Kanye was starting to normalize his artistic direction.

  • JanBezouska

    This is sad. Really. I was hoping that Hiatus is gonna be the name of their album...

  • Damn

    Nah son, Lunice ton be flipping those burgers in McDs now

  • Dahomie

    the only one who gon be flippin burgers is yo ass

  • pittalo

    Well, at least I'm glad that I got to see them live

  • SpaceGhostPurrp


  • VladoHadnadj


  • Chris

    can I at least get a TNGHT shirt? can't find merch anywhere on the web

  • zdilla

    fucking damnit!!