KiD CuDi – Satellite Flight

Anyone for some new music from KiD CuDi? Weeks after announcing the titled of his upcoming Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moonatellite EP, Cudder comes through and shares the project's title track. Providing a seemingly fit spaced-out track, the mellow instrumental gets garnished with laid-back harmonizing vocals from CuDi. We know you're all dying to share your thoughts on the track, so give it a listen and take it to the comment section.

By Richard Brooks / Hip hop / December 17, 2013 / 11000 Views
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  • BustinJieber


  • @adamrebel

    cudi cudi

  • BenStillerFaghot69

    Yessssss! finally back on his MOTM1 vibe. As long as he avoid's YEEZUS style beats ands sticks to shit like this then we allll goood

  • Kanye east

    Kinda Sucks....

  • zack

    between two fernies

  • sh!t

    dem strings doe

  • ka

    We know you're all dying to share your thoughts on the track, so give it a listen and take it to the comment section.

  • Purple Drank

    unfuckwittable. thats a raw ass vibe sesh

  • Guest

    Everytime a new cudi song comes out I'm like "OMG new cudi track!" ... "Damn cudi fell off"

    Sidebar- before everyone starts hating... Imagine you had never heard of kid cudi, what would your reaction be after listening to this?

  • abel27

    i like it

  • slammy sosa

    feel like this gotta grow on me, first to fully enjoy it. but not bad first listen

  • ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ911ㅤㅤㅤㅤ

    i havent checked on cudi since the first MOTM & some of his Kanye shit. The verses on this are garbo, but the hook and beat are cool

  • Thisguy

    This nigga..


    Kid Cudi uploads loudest song ever to Soundcloud.


    Kan Yeast.


  • Zebulon Olson

    the point is, I have listened to cudi, and to hear him moan more than ever on this track is not just annoying to me but now have zero interest in his upcoming albums.. read the lyrics somewhere, because you can't really even hear what he's saying, they're bullshit.

  • mezo

    I can hear him perfectly clear..if you understand the history of music you'll see that people dont always pronounce things correctly or enunciate their words too perfection on purpose. Its called art everybody doesn't like every piece from Picasso or every play from Shakespeare, doesn't mean other people can't like them and it doesn't mean the artist isnt good anymore.

  • Zebulon Olson

    word, i do get your point. I just think believe he's undermining his talent with all the humming and moaning.

  • mezo

    yea I've heard that more than once, it makes sense. It's really a matter of taste, i know people that like the moaning more than the original cudi. It kind of reminds me of Bob Dylan or Radiohead they both sound weird on purpose its less about vocals and more about the feeling of the music...He wants you to feel like ur not on earth when you listen to his music so he tries to sound odd.

  • skateboard_B.U.

    Shut your mouth before I F*ck it!

  • The Dude

    There's mad Cudi haters and Cudi lovers. Haters tend to be the ex-fan that says "all he does is moan now" and there's Cudi lovers who listen to shit and instantly say its great. Honestly, this is another decent song with a bit of moaning but a solid hook and chorus (which is cudis specialty and junk). Not amazing, but not awful. Cudi's trying new flows and shit and stuff and you gotta respect that. I've been following Cudi for awhile and I loved his shit in MOTM 1 and 2. Love music for what it is without your bias shit and try to listen with an open mind. Sorry im pretty fucked up.

  • DemonSamaJr

    Yeah not bad first listen. I'll listen again after work when I'm high as shit :p

  • Lazarus

    U fuckers should know a good artist will always push it further and evolve, but that concept's always over your heads

  • foxmoon

    i met cudi personally so i can say he is not as "cool" as he seems the fame probably did it but now im like he is probably like fucking blasted off is ass thinking "yo these niggas gonna buy it any ways no need to grind lets make a song

  • NiggaG

    But that's not the point, we have heard him before. I consider myself a fan of his art. He makes all of his music, makes the beats, plays the instruments, and comes up with the most original songs. You can't say you've heard anything like his stuff before. I think people are put off from it because it's not radio music, and it's just soo different. Some of his songs took me a few listens to grasp, but I appreciate everything he's released since A Kid Named Cudi.

  • NiggaG

    Finally another person that doesn't complain, and actually tries to understand the art.

  • mezo

    thats the point of good art right? If its easy to digest then you just get the same feeling over and over...thats the whole problem with the music industry.

  • realshyt

    Everybody is saying this song is dope... but if it wasn't cudi EVERYONE would be saying it sucks. Because it really isn't good at all. Whoever said this sounds like his MOTM1 stuff you have obviously never heard of MOTM1 this is nothing like it. WZRD was garbage and indicud kinda reflected a few vibes from wzrd. NOW when MOTM3 comes out, im scared. Because MOTM1 was one of the best albums ever made, MOTM2 was a fantastic followup and told a story. If MOTM3 is like this or WZRD, i will be absolutely pissed off.

  • Zebulon Olson

    dude i was being overly... yes, cynical. I am now happily stoned, and understand. I was having a shitty time and when I heard Cudi came out with a new song I was like hey, life's good. and I was just slightly disappointed with the lyrics and then blew up like our foreign policies. I'm jammin now though, so fuck it!

  • tacosara

    we still Cudi lol

  • tacosara