Kanye West Brings Drake Out for Final Yeezus Show

Prior to their after-party festivitiesKanye West brought out local rapper Drake during the concluding show of his North American leg of his Yeezus tour in Toronto. Calling him out during the encore, the two performed their 2009 collaboration "Forever" making this the first live performance of the track. They also continued the performance with Nothing Was the Same single "All Me." As of yet Drake makes the first and only guest appearance of the Yeezus tour.

By: Selina Tan / News / December 24, 2013 / 7211 Views
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  • g5ty

    did kendrick open for this date ?.

  • sam


  • Kedar Patel

    Both of them have similar stances while performing on stage.... its just funny to see.

  • http://seanhowellart.deviantart.com/ Sean Howell

    GOATS 1. Tupac 2. Kanye 3. Drake



  • DirtyFred


  • http://seanhowellart.deviantart.com/ Sean Howell

    Nice list but Eminem is not great he is just caucasian. U.O.E.N.O.

  • DirtyFred

    I once held the same sentiment. Till I actually spent sometime with MMLP,SSLP, and Eminem Show. Hes the greatest technichal lyricist of all time, he just happens to be white.

  • queezie

    legendary moment tbh

  • http://seanhowellart.deviantart.com/ Sean Howell

    He just happens to be a caucazoid, rap about raping his mom, jerking off, pharmaceutical abuse, and all these other non-afroamerican issues and sells the most records in a genre conventionally dominated by american negroids? Because there are no actual statistics on his sales, how many poor negroid youth do you presume spent their mommas money to support his lyrics about oedipus complex's. Dat just done make no sense Fred. You ain't got all the answers Fred.

  • DirtyFred

    Im not talking about sales, I'm talking about rapping ability. Btw Em aint the only one talkin bout that shit either, you heard of Odd Future?

  • DirtyFred

    Btw you dont have to be a "caucazoid" to jerk off, retard. Lol

  • http://seanhowellart.deviantart.com/ Sean Howell

    Yea can a negroid man sell a hundred million records rapping about jerking off and raping his mom? Let's see Jay-Z, Tupac, Kanye or Drake rap about masturbation and raping their mothers with their rapping ability and see how much they sell? Yes I am retarded, how can you tell? If Eminem is so great then why don't you have sex with him?

  • DirtyFred

    U clearly are retarded because as I am now stating for the third time, I'm not talking about sales, I am talking about rapping ability.

  • http://seanhowellart.deviantart.com/ Sean Howell

    How does rapping about jerking off and raping your mother show rapping ability? Has Eminem changed the world with his psychopathic raps? He's a gimmick and a lot of money was made off of him because of his pigmentation in a racist world. And proles like you are misguided into thinking he's the greatest thing since Penicillin.

  • no1d

    Drake made a good impression on Kanye when he brought him out at the OVO 2013 festival after Frank Ocean cancelled. He got the reputation as the niceguy in the industry. Seems fitting angryman Kanye would pick someone nice to hang out with, he needs to chill lol.

  • omgchrista

    I was pretty surprised at the lack of Chief Keef at either of the Chi-town shows. I just assumed he was in jail again.

  • DirtyFred

    Ur a joke fam

  • omgchrista


    You could rap about farts with an above-average rapping ability -- rapping ability and lyrical content are not synonymous. DirtyFred is right, Odd Future's a supremely talented crew, ability-wise, and more often than not, they're rhyming about some pretty juvenile shit, at least as often as Em does. I don't think Eminem deserves such a high spot on the GOAT list -- I'm not too much of a fan tbh -- but to say he isn't talented and base a lot of that judgement on his race and lines about jerking off seems a bit asinine and far-fetched.

  • DirtyFred

    The way you rhyme words has nothing to do with the words you rhyme. What are u a retard? Im done

  • omgchrista

    Kanye seemed in pretty good spirits at the Yeezus show I went to (Chi 12/17). That was my fourth time seeing 'Ye and I can definitely say that was the least angry I've ever seen him. He was cheesin the whole time, for the most part. I loved it.

  • http://seanhowellart.deviantart.com/ Sean Howell

    Lyricist is a person who writes THE WORDS to a popular song or musical. You are illiterate.

  • ULM

    Show looks dope, it's cool seeing Ye' and Drizzy having some fun performing opposed to the recent stream of rants we've heard

  • Jonathan Garza

    not the only guest on the tour, they brought out E-40 at the san jose show fyi

  • td_j

    To say Eminem is only where he is because he's white is the same as saying Pac wouldn't be as famous if he wasn't killed. If he was still alive your lame ass would probably think Pac was corny to rap about real shit and your GOAT list would rank big sean instead. U.O.E.N.O

  • http://seanhowellart.deviantart.com/ Sean Howell

    Okay, Odd future is supreme in talent. That shows what you know about talent. The fact stands that a negroid cannot sell 100 million records rapping about raping his, killing the mother of his child, being addicted to pharmaceuticals and jerking off. Only a caucazoid can do that in this society. To ignore the political dynamic of race in the equation is to ignore the elephant in the room. Fact, If a negroid had the level of talent that Mathers had and rapped about such nonsense then he could not sell so many records.

  • http://seanhowellart.deviantart.com/ Sean Howell

    I have been a supporter of Tupac since he was alive. And, yes you're right, racism isn't a problem in the world, it is just a negro conspiracy theory.

  • http://twitter.com/iSkeptic TonyTooCool

    he in rehab

  • AlexFirth91


  • Cj Dentu-Nkrumah

    goosebumps, when DRAKE walked out! DAMNNNNNN! greatness in that building

  • skateboard_B.U.

    Kanye don't know one word to All Me lol real nigga

  • Mr Smalls

    Who shot ya?

  • leatherlaces
  • Jerk Off

    @seanjr:disqus fuck you are so ignorant pal.