Kanye West Addresses “False Stories” Regarding Fictitious Nelson Mandela Quotes

Over the weekend, a satirical online publication called The Daily Current used Kanye West's recent interview tour and the passing of Nelson Mandela's passing in order to publish an interview, where West called himself "the next Nelson Mandela." Although there was no source cited for the conversation, it did not take a lot for the public to be convinced that these words given his recent remarks where he compared himself to the likes of Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Shakespeare, Michelangelo and more. Thus, Kanye found himself on the receiving end of rampant criticism throughout the social media universe. This prompted 'Ye to take to Twitter and address the situation. Read below.






By: Petar Kujundzic / News / December 10, 2013 / 3460 Views
  • brostoevsky

    Knew shit was fake from the start

  • UglyFrank

    Even Ye' ain't that big headed, he has his limits



  • kinda

    I'ma be honest, kinda sound like something he would say...


    It was a satire media publishing company. Keyword: satire.

    People only know of Kanye's public appearance to be kind of arrogant and selfish. It just made the article seem TRUE for a lot of ignorant people.

    But I gotta question: how come everyone that dislikes Kanye constantly comment and demoralize him on social media - no matter what he does, good or bad? I mean, its like we're so quick to judge when our gavel's fake. Shit, I dislike how Nicki Minaj raps now, doesn't mean I should blast her on social media and dilute her character in any way as a human being or artist.

    The media just proved exactly how many asinine people there are ubiquitously that believe and consume anything spoon-fed to them. Maybe we all should read books only and leave social media alone.

    And I gotta ask this too: who tf reads spoof news from the Daily Currant???

    New slaves.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSZ55hEkxnM TopBananas

    When I read it at first it seemed a lil plausible but I kept reading it over and over and that's when I noticed some really outlandish statements that Kanye would never say. And even after the first read I assumed it was a satirical website. Couldn't find out for sure though as I was searching for some "About Us" section on my phone.


    very true...i remember chilling with some people over the weekend and them being like "did you hear kanye compared himself to nelson mandela" and thinking how everyone believes everything they read on the internet.....anyway, big side note: did you get this from frank ocean's 'blue whale'? -> "we're so quick to judge when our gavel's fake."

  • fotofiend666

    People are dumb as fuck, period.


    ayyeee good eye :)

  • will

    ive met people who try to knock kanye then literally turn around and have the nerve to sing one of his songs in unison.....and people wonder why he calls himself yeezus