HYPETRAK Top 10 Albums of 2013

It's that time of the year again. As 2013 comes to an end, the moment has arrived to take a look back and see what musical gifts the past 12 months had in store for us. While we usually list our Top 50 choices for each category, we decided to switch things up a little this time around. In this year's End of Year-list edition, we share with you our top 10 choices plus six notable mentions of the following categories: Album Of The Year, Song of the Year, Video of the Year, Artist of the Year and Newcomer of the Year. In addition, you are invited to voice your opinion by selecting one of the 20 listed options from the poll form below. In case you do not agree with any of them, you can debate as to why in the comment section. The result of your votes will be shown on January 2.

Today we present you our top 10 album choices, spearheaded by James Blake's brilliant sophomore release Overgrown. It faced tough competition from two of the most talked-about full-length offerings this year: Kanye West's Yeezus and Drake's Nothing Was The Same offerings. Despite its mixtape format, its complexity and cohesiveness catapulted Chance the Rapper's Acid Rap to our top 10 ranking. See below who else made it on our list.

Sophomore releases tend to be crucial for the longevity of every recording artist's career. While his excellent self-titled debut album has made him a key figure within the indie and electronic circuits, James Blake's second full-length offering Overgrown has raised the bar more than just one step higher. Driven by the juxtaposition between lyrics of love, pining and loneliness with harmonious music, Overgrown beautifully showcases the complexity of Blake's sonic palette as well as his abilities as a composer. As virtuosic and genre-bending his debut album was, it takes things even one step further in terms of consistence and growth, making the 25-year old singer-songwriter and producer one of the most influential musicians of our time.

Notable Mentions
Pure Heroine
Trap Lord
A$AP Ferg
6 Feet Beneath The Moon
King Krule
Cupid Deluxe
Blood Orange
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By: Staff / Editorial / December 27, 2013 / 27749 Views
  • guest

    no you are not

  • McKing00

    Wale going to catch a tantrum if y'all don't revise this list.


    write-in vote for Travi$ Scott's Owl Pharaoh.

  • Don’t Care About Me

    Kurt Vile didn't place? Odd.

  • Scot Storch

    UMMM Where the fuck is INDICUD and Watching Movies With Sound Off, that shit was 10x better than wack ass Doris

  • yeshlo

    they should have crowd sourced a vote beforehand

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for pointing out the obvious, but the album was good quality-wise as well. Hypetrak and most of the people who frequently go on this site pretty much worship anything Kanye-related so that type of response is expected.

  • Bob

    I'd say top 50 but that would still put it well ahead of plenty of other respectable releases. For me, J. Cole isn't half as capable as a handful of other conscious rappers who have been doing what he's doing for much longer and with significantly more impact. He just has more commercial appeal, but I have yet to hear anything incredibly profound from him. Still respectable though. And Kiss Land was kind of a disappointing follow-up for me, it was well-produced with strong vocals, but had little to no staying power.

    Pusha T on the other hand had some of the strongest songs of the year, but the album quickly burns out as the back end of the album has only one or two bearable songs. The only reason I mentioned it is because Hypetrak is obviously hip-hop heavy and MNIMN is leagues ahead of several of most of the albums above.

    It came off harsh, but no disrespect intended. Just differing preferences.

  • Bob

    Forgot about that one... Not sure if that says anything about their album but I definitely think it was better than at least six of HT's top 10.

  • Bob

    ...Kid Cudi still makes music??

  • Bob

    Yes, but download his self-titled album first, you'll be glad you did.


    Mac Miller sucks ballz.


    Fuck Yonce!! ...in the face with her ho azz.

  • tobiaking

    Hypetrak I'm sorry but The 20/20 experience part 1, was one of the greatest albums this year.

  • Guest

    So... Born sinner and manga carta isn't even considered? Wow gtfo here

  • xjaywalkxx

    Arguing aside, why does "Because the Internet" keep changing?

  • kanye west

    seriously where is PARTYNEXTDOOR

  • jjj

    Jay z ?

  • http://Greyskull.us/ Greyskull.us

    Im sorry, but i just dont see chance the rappers appeal. The nigga goes nya nya nya on every song and sings off key . Even if his lyrics are "complex" he makes it hard to sit through. More credit goes to his producers than him. WOLF is much better.

  • Mike

    Trap Lord receives a mention over MNIMN? Ferg shouldn't even be on any albums list.

  • disapointed


  • fuckoff

    Disses rappers then says Mac Miller was the only listenable rap album?

    Do I have to say it?

  • fuckoff

    Lol @ because the internet LOL

  • Standards

    You just can't relate to his content. Mac's been dropping fire ever since Macadelic.

  • https://www.facebook.com/asabere.akwasi Akwasi Asabere

    Born Sinner was so so, a few god tracks but overall it doesn't stand up to the top 10 above, at all.

  • joe

    portugal. the man


    King Push, King Push, King Push!!!

  • Swagasauras R.E.X.

    they forgot that long live asap came out this year i guess

  • Swank

    Toro Y Moi - 'Anything In Return' should be on this list this insane ...that album is amazing from front to back

  • Erik

    I feel like Kanye rules this site now all arguments are futile they put Kanye on everything the thing is Yeezus as not that good it wasn't bad but as far as his vision for his music it wasn't that great he gets a lot of shit for the music and what he's doing but this and every site eats it up New Slaves wasn't even that good of a song easily anyone could beat Yeezus for album of the year but the people on this site are stuck on him because that is what they are fed no disrespect to him but I'd give it a D and anyway it's for albums up the year not mixtapes and EP's because if that would have counted several other tapes would be up there you left out so much good music and only worked with more recent releases I've lost faith in all of the journalists and editors on this forum you've almost made me hate music

  • leatherlaces

    makes sense g..all good

  • leatherlaces

    self-titled album then listen to his "enough thunder ep"..dope stuff..all on spotify too

  • leatherlaces

    I agree with Toro y Moi..album is crazy imo..mac album alright

  • skateboard_B.U.

    HypeTrak why wont yah just make Top 100 list this Top Ten sh*t is not workin

  • WMEC.

    Overgrown...great call.

  • uhh. yeah.

    'these selections fall perfectly in line with HYPETRAK’s own modus operandi, that is, harboring an appreciation for pop sensibility while maintaining a selective underground taste'

    - from hypebeast article.

    with that said, is it fair to debate this list? idk. i haven't listened to any of these straight through, except for notable mention, 6 feet beneath the moon, which one could argue shouldn't be considered since it doesn't fulfill the pop sensibility requirement. i'm thinking this list is flawed.

  • Hunter

    Is "The Gifted" really slept on this hard? Don't understand how its not on here.

  • Kyle Butler

    Pusha T album is not better than BORNSINNER MCHG or NWTS I would give it the edge over The Gifted and Yeezus but J.cole has much more substance/subject matter about REAL SHIT than anybody out if this MNIMN album is better than either of those albums I named than you must have gotten a different album than me I give it 7.5 out of 10 k.dot has the best verse on the whole album

  • IV

    Don't diss rap. Your little sister loves it

  • This is retarded

    Where the hell is J. Cole and Pusha T? Did we forget they made albums this year?

  • mmmmmm

    1 of them

  • MeenGene

    damn the mac miller not even listed? I felt it was way stronger than trap lord and doris. the live album is incredible too, hypetrak is wildin.

  • justinbieberluvsme

    Good call on AlunaGeorge. It's solid. Phoenix hasn't been impressionable since It's Never Been Like That. But that sound isn't hype anymore.

  • justinbieberluvsme

    I really liked Old! Danny collabed with a lot of great producers! So this is kindof surprising?

    I was hoping to see Mayer Hawthorne on the list though. Where Does This Door Go was an amazing album.

  • Amanda

    Beyonce was only honorable mention? That shit slayed...

  • DisBack

    Safest? Urm were you not around during all that 'faggot' controversy from 'Villuminati'?

  • Tbtower

    This. It grows.

  • Tbtower

    I agree, but who gives a fuck about lists. Both albums are great. Make your own list if you wanna see Pusha on one bro.

  • Tupac Sun