HYPETRAK Mix: Ta-ku – Drive Slow, Homie Pt. II

In response to the great feedback Ta-ku's HYPETRAK Mix Drive Slow, Homie has received on the internet, we rejoined forces with the self-proclaimed "Genre Killer." Below you can check out a new eclectic selection of soulful songs that enhance your automotive experience. Or to put it in Ta-ku's own words:

"After all the love from "Drive Slow, Homie" I just HAD to make another musical journey for your whip.

In usual fashion, the mix starts of with some laid back - top down jams that are perfect for your sundown. Slowly moving into the uptempo soul jams mixed with the never disapointing jersey movement. To be honest, i encourage you to bump this on ALL occasions. You could bump this mix while taking your moms to the dentist or while you and your homies/homegirls are trappin' out in your hatchback Barina.

Whether you riding solo or with a whip full of your peoples. TURN UP!"

We are also happy to announce the winner of our submission contest, TNV x Rami B - "Old School Covertible," who made it on the mix.


Stwo - Syrup
Jeftuz - Girl
Trian Kayhuta - Alright
Tajan & fwdslxsh - Beautiful
Drake - From Time (Full Crate Remix) [Unreleased]
TNV x Rami B - Old School Covertible [Unreleased]
Professa - Goodnight Bump
Evil Needle - Light Ray
Mr Carmack - ifoundsomething [Unreleased]
Atu - YF Ella Remix [Unreleased]
Dpat - Untitled [Unreleased]
Rook Milo - Cobalt Polo [Unreleased]
Penthouse Penthouse - Private Jet [Unreleased]
RLP - DRP_DAT [Unreleased]
Sivey - Waterbed Slow-mo [Unreleased]
Ghost Town DJ's - My Boo (Wave Racer Remix)
Ta-ku - Electr(on)ic Relaxation (Benzi x Espinosa EDIT) [Unreleased]
Lord Shrimpy - Remedy
Masuka - Whatadime
HOWLS (Ta-ku & KitPop) x B.Lewis - Go [Unreleased]

Artwork: Srdjn Marjanovic
Photography: Michael Salisbury

By Staff / Mix / December 12, 2013 / 14948 Views
  • mason

    what is the car in the photo?

  • Mr. E

    Early release?

  • kanye west

    i skipped through this

  • http://MastersuhdaUniverse.com/ Masters uh da Universe

    porsche 914

  • mike


  • Germanhypebeaster

    it´s a porsche, i don´t know the specific name of the car neither!

  • https://soundcloud.com/arturo55 arturo55

    Bangin' this non stop... Also loved Pt. 1 but this ish kills it. Ta-ku the realest