Today we proudly present the latest HYPETRAK Mix by none other than Kaytranada. The Montreal native has compiled an intriguing selection of hard-hitting unreleased production. Much closer to Dilla's Donuts than a DJ mix, this is essentially a raw beat tape -- in the purest form there is.

How did you approach this mix? What was the idea behind it?
No ideas, just a mix of my old hip-hop beats.

2013 was a successful year for you. What was your personal highlight?
My first tour in Europe in May, was definitely my highlight of the year.

What's your main goal for 2014?
I wish that my success will continue for 2014.

Favorite song and album this year?
Happy - Pharrell / 7 Days of Funk, but I didn't think music was very good this year.

Photography: Martin C. Pariseau

By Staff / Mix / December 18, 2013 / 26769 Views
  • Martin C. Pariseau

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    - Martin C. Pariseau



  • Angelo Medina

    Kaytranada's music is great and this idea of cool beats as a mix is awesome but I really dislike his "everyone is incorrect" attitude, I mean come on dude, learn to love others and their work

  • Christopher Laporga

    It's hip-hop though. I like that attitude. Emcees and producers need to have more of that attitude and keep pushing each other forward. People went all nuts on "The Verse" K Dot dropped on all these famous rappers, but in actuality this should've been the norm in the genre. There is respect, but you got to have that passion and believe you are better than your peers. In then end, there should be no violence, but everything that needs to be vented be done so through their works. And I think Kaytranada is living up to his voiced sentiments.

  • emmalynnnil321

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  • Mikashi Yakamato


  • nutmeg

    You shouldn't care about what kind of attitude somebody has as long they make good music.

  • dey-know

    I like the attitude as well. Having that border line level of too much confidence helps drive friendly competition amongst the community. That type of friendly competition will help to continually innovate music

  • blah

    word @ music sucking this year

  • Jamie Messom

    Aint no Q8

  • Brendan Guiney
  • nigga

    Where tf are you guys getting this too much confidence shit? Because he said music sucked this year?

    It did.

  • REWT7

    very tight sounding (thumbsup)

  • fuckurweakphilosophy

    Calling Hip hop Dead doesn't push anything forward...

  • Shaun InfamouzOne Douglas

    1. Where can I get these instrumentals and 2, do you make beats for individual licenses? hmu on Facebook.

  • http://listn.to/damoon .Damoon

    7 days of funk, definitely best release of the year

  • Vibes

    it's taken out of context, don't take the title in a literal sense homie

  • hiphopNOTdead

    he's kidding. hip hop is so obviously not dead. confused? listen to this mix again.