Drake – Trophies (Produced by Hit-Boy)

Since Drake announced that he'd be supplying five new tracks to wrap up his 2013 campaign, fans have been patiently waiting to hear his Hit-Boy-produced jam "Trophies." Drizzy announced last night that he'd be releasing the song today, with the CDQ version now available below.

By Staff / Hip hop / December 29, 2013 / 25159 Views
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  • Drake


  • Bino

    I'm glad he didn't put this on Nothing Was the Same though.

  • Ughk


  • Realtalk

    Felt like it was basic as fuck... until I heard the beat switch.

    Stinkface. Shit's pretty filthy.

  • Flumpeh

    Really hoping there's another verse on the official version!

  • Kanye West

    Not God-level. But Nigga We Made It.

  • JR

    O fficial!

  • David

    God bless Hit-Boy for this beat!!

  • Push

    The Beat is dope. But I HATE the flow. Egchk!

  • swaggy p

    i hope the official is longer with a yeezy verse prayin to the based god

  • Marcus

    This sounds like a demo tho.

  • Alexander

    The beat is lame as fuck. Hit Boy is overrated

  • brruuh

    How to make a hard beat to a softy in 12 hours

  • ju

    heard the live version from illroots radio, ive been waiting for this.

  • topPostForTooLong

    Down With Miley!!


    true. waaaay weaker

  • http://www.TheOvErfiENds.com/ TheOvErfiENds.com

    Meanwhile ....

  • Kedar Patel

    Overrated? Because producing Niggas in Paris, Goldie, Clique, 1Train, Flawless(beyonce), etc makes you overrated, right?

  • leatherlaces

    Track and beat is dope but doesn't seem like it would have fit on NWTS..good decision to release it after..he should do a video for it! https://soundcloud.com/yachtmansion/beyonc-mine-feat-drake

  • Shabba

    Cant say I enjoyed this

  • GHF

    Hova needs to jump on this!

  • BrandonLott

    Hell yeah!!