Childish Gambino featuring Chance The Rapper – The Worst Guys

Childish Gambino continues to tease fans with tidbits from his upcoming album, Because The Internet, and today we're treated to a brand new single. Titled "The Worst Guys," the latest leak from the album features none other than Chance The Rapper, as the two reconnect on a track. Fans should expect a music video for the single to surface sometime soon, but until then enjoy the audio down below. Because The Internet is due out December 10, and you can place your pre-orders now by clicking here.

By: Richard Brooks / Hip hop / December 3, 2013 / 8565 Views
  • God

    the whole album leaked you idiot

  • Chase Novelich

    Super disappointed by this...the drop at 1:20 was cool though.

  • Jabjal

    Go home Chase. Go home

  • ffasdfd


  • guest

    man, these dudes are too corny for me.

  • Chase Novelich

    Do you have an argument to make? Trying to say it was one of either of their better works? It isn't garbage I just had high hopes.

  • troll

    clearly your fault for having high hopes dummy

  • whatagoof

    You basically just said it's Chase's fault for anticipating something great coming from an artist he's a fan of.

    You still have to make sense when attempting to troll idiot

  • skateboard_B.U.

    because the internet people take Hypetrak to seriously

  • troll

    Is the artist entitled to make music specifically for the enjoyment of one "fan" (two if we're including your dumbass)?

    I think I made perfect sense when stating it's Chase's (dumbass #1) fault for having high hopes. He created that anticipation and those high hopes for himself by assuming it would be great to him.

    "clearly your fault for having high hopes dummy"

    Hopefully you understand now dumbass #2. If not, doesn't matter. I'll continue trolling.

  • Sean Howell


  • Sean Howell

    Childish Gambino worries that other people will find out what kind of porn he watches? And judging from his album composition also, this brother needs psychological help and or spiritual guidance.

  • Supreme Court

    this was the equivalent to "love game" on mmlp2

  • yurkzz

    Rule #1 of trolling: never admit to trolling..dumbass of all dumbasses

  • whatagoof

    Maybe because it's the artist's job to create that anticipation within the upcoming days prior to album release? (song leaks, album cover) Not once did he say to him and only him, you made the assumption. I guess its your fault for assuming dummy

  • chaz

    Can't wait to get a copy of the album! Everyone must watch this performance of Shadow. Love itttt.

  • Miley