Childish Gambino – Because The Internet (Full Album Stream)

In case you're unaware, Childish Gambino's new anticipated album, Because The Internet, has recently leaked. And instead of fighting the unfortunate situation, Gambino has simply decided to make available an official stream of the entire project. The LP is slated to arrive on shelves on December 10, but you can preview it now on over at iTunes. Hit us back and let us know if you'll be picking up a copy next week. Enjoy.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Hip hop / December 3, 2013 / 50731 Views
  • Ezra

    This is wacky as hell, but also amazing

  • Eric Chase

    I would still choose Guiness over Gambino.. Any day.

  • Sean Howell

    Worst mish-mash nonsense music ever, I could barely get through one listening session.

  • Brandon Amster

    I honestly enjoyed it downloaded it yesterday. But i aint a fuckboy who listens once and goes ew.

  • eh

    camp was better

  • but

    this is fuckboy music though

  • Brandon Amster

    im prolly a fuckboy then damn ill go to rehab before its too late.

  • look at him and laught


  • Sean Howell


  • Guest

    camp was fuckinn poop

  • aaa

    This album is actually very good! And ok he has no street cred whatsoever. But if you like good music give it a try!

  • Christian Rosier

    He's chilling.. doing his thing, I think its awesome, but everyone has their voice. Check out his performance on Arensio Hall

  • IV

    I really do believe, after listening to this album thoroughly and reading upon the entire coinciding script, that Donald was basically singling out every comment section main-stay on blogs such as hypetrak. Everyday I check hypetrack for content and culture to keep me inspired and motivated. And everyday, EVERY POST, is filled with comments from people who diss diss and diss. There is always the exceptions of course, but it is most of you who feel it's too easy to just "show love". Of course this is a "free country", but let's be honest and just call it the way we all see it. It's as if you must, in a sense, let your inner troll out for a few sentences to fill some type of void you have in your own consciousness. It's cool to shit on people's work right? It's just cool, it's rebellious and you get looked at more for having a deterrent opinion. You obtain that "Mac DIESEL" status. This is one of the points Donald was trying to get across with this. It's as if you've unconsciously dedicated your whole lives to trolling, and you don't even know it. Nobody knows who you are, and you want to be recognized through witty disses on people's art. If you listen to this album it's not about being sad for no reasons, it's about WHAT THE FUCK IS ALL THIS FOR? WHY THE HATE? WHY THE SENSELESS JUDGMENT? WHY CARE ABOUT ALL OF THIS SENSELESS RHETORIC ON THE INTERNET? But you do. Thinking expressing your stained opinions will get you somewhere. It's the lifestyle of trolls. And the more you hate on this masterpiece of this album, the more it exposes you for the blood sucking leech you really are.

  • 2xUeL

    When I saw him rhyme on Sway in the Morning recently I gained a lot more respect for this dude. Looking forward to hearing this

  • matt


  • mlopez101

    Definitely agree. His sound on this album shows that he is not just a rapper. He shows so much versatility! "Shadows" is a perfect example of that.


    You bothered guy.

  • Jackie Chan

    You a fuckboy, fuckboy

  • BelloKa$H

    I honestly like this a lot

  • B-Boy Rock-Star

    *slow hand claps*

  • Jabjal

    You a good person

  • wangle

    album of the year

  • tim

    never understood why someone needs street creed to make good music.

  • tim


  • Jabjal

    Made some valid points about his thought process in this interview

  • Jake Woods

    then dont listen!! damn dude if you actually listened to lyrics, you're the problem.. instead speaking words of encouragment, or saying what you dislike about it without being a complete douchebag maybe you'd have some type of respect but nope.some people in this cant get it through there thick heads.. at least he puts his shit out there for shit stains like you to sit at home "with all their music awards on the wall" haaa.. puts it in perspective dont it.. your nobody just like me and everyone else on this site as in who the fuck are YOU to judge an artist and his musc the way you do?... bitch all you want about it, but CG is gonna make music because its what he loves to do but your still gonna be a sad person .

  • john salmons

    the realist shit I've ever heard