Beyoncé – ‘Self-Titled’ Mini Documentary (Part 2)

Beyoncé follows up the release of her record-breaking visual album with a series of mini documentaries based around the project's creation. In part 1, which you can watch here, Beyoncé talks about her where her desire to create a visual album stemmed from, and why she chose to release the project in a way that's untraditional by today's standards. In the second installment, Queen B talks imperfection, and the life lessons that taught her how to grow past it. Hit play, and take the next few minutes to better understand the vision that helped make Beyonce's surprise album a complete success.

By: Eric Montanez / Documentary / December 18, 2013 / 3016 Views
  • kanye west

    she is one of two things, really good at playing a character being fake 100% of the time or she has no personalty at all.