Beyoncé featuring Drake – Mine

The latest visual delivery coinciding with Beyoncé's recent project delivery is a noticeably more artistic affair for collaborative track, "Mine," with Drake. The song starts off on a somewhat melancholy and contemplative note and then transitions into a lover's anthem, noting Bey and Drizzy harmonizing on the latter half. The clip features each superstar artist as well as a variety of professional dancers. Press play above to enjoy the latest from Beyoncé.

By Jonathan Sawyer / Music Videos / December 17, 2013 / 56824 Views
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  • beyon-gay

    fckin lame

  • NoNewFriends

    Everytime Beyonce does something, chicks don't know how to act. She needs to drop a cook book on iTunes to make some hoes more useful.


    who produced this?

  • Martijn Leenaers

    The director is Pierre Debusschere.

  • kanye west

    the music/beat is 40

  • malik


  • fuckoff

    Them Tyler I mean Pink Floyd chords

  • Tianna

    I don't understand the song. But I do like drunk in love.

  • david hasselhoff

    Anyone else notice how awkward these lyrics are?

  • just shh

    would it be more interesting if it had hoes, sex, drugs and alcohol in it?

  • lilly