Watch Jimi Hendrix Documentary ‘Hear My Train A Comin’

As a part of PBS's new American Masters series, the outlet has here presented a new film documenting the life of the late great rock icon, Jimi Hendrix. The nearly two-hour aesthetic is jam-packed with concert footage, personal videos, letters and interviews from those who were heavily influenced by the renowned musician. You may want to catch this one sooner rather than later, as the documentary is not expected to be available online for very long. Enjoy Hear My Train A Comin' now above.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Documentary / November 11, 2013 / 2549 Views
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  • Sam

    Wow, no one can think of anything clever and asanine to say on this post?


    Too long to watch.


    Drake was already pushin it with his new video.

  • smh

    That's God bruh, you don't disrespect God.

  • SomeoneWhoWatchedIt

    Atleast watch the first 20 minutes.