Tyler, The Creator Disses YouTube Awards… at the YouTube Awards.

After already addressing his irritation towards the YouTube awards on Twitter, it looks like Odd Future frontman Tyler, The Creator still had more to say, and the rapper took to YouTube's own red carpet awards to address his concerns. Arguing that YouTube's award platform had the potential to act as a mode for talented and underrated artists to shine, the rapper argues that they not only missed the opportunity, but also voices his anger against their move to feature already popular mainstream acts such as Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. Despite his critiques, Tyler did perform "Sasquatch" live with Earl Sweatshirt, with a sneak peek at his live performance chopped in alongside his controversial red carpet interview above.

Front page photography: Terry Richardson

By: Zahra Jamshed / Interviews / November 5, 2013 / 8238 Views
  • Jig

    He's right.

  • Lucas Ross

    Word. Youtube, FaceBook, Twitter, all these platforms used to be for the little guy, now they are mainstream as shit. - C.R.E.A.M.

  • dreadgory

    facebook... not really, wouldn't label soon to be harvard grads as the little guy. but i guess if you talking college students in general, you right.

  • LovesTwoSpoon

    True shit.. I mean we already have the vma's and stuff. WHY YOUTUBE! WHY!

  • Proxant

    "YouTube, suck my dick!"

  • nailsharpener

    dissing youtube awards..at the youtube awards. He did say he was a walking paradox right? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


    says "fuck YouTube" on a YouTube video. #controlled.

  • http://www.foruseinmoderation.com/ wolf_mccloud

    lol niggaz got dem bills to pay tho.

  • collinnyo145

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    controlled? really? come on man. stop the bull shit.


    it's deeper than that.



  • hashtag12yearsold

    "hashtag: controlled." stop it you're killin me son

  • http://instagram.com/stevenamir SC

    What would he have done if they had cancelled his show and stopped payment on his check? throw a temper tantrum, record it, and put it on youtube

  • CZO

    Talkin shit about Beiber when hese friends with him. Talkin shit about Youtube award show but still takes the paycheck and preforms for them. I love OF but tyler can be a hypocrite

  • june

    he wasn't talking shet about anybody,he was just stating what he thought was a flaw beyond their first 'award show' and simply thought they should give more shine to people who actually uses youtube to display their artistic content rather then awarding people who already on 'big screens' themselves on other platforms (VMA,GRAMMYS,MTV,ETC), and if they paid him to perform.. most likely he signed a contract.

  • yerp

    nah hes not, a threesome with a fucking triceratops dumbass