Mac Miller (as Delusional Thomas) – Delusional Thomas (Mixtape)

Things have been relatively quiet surround Mac Miller since he released his excellent sophomore album Watching Movies With The Sound Off. This is about to change as Mac has adopted yet another musical alter ego -- Delusional Thomas. The difference this time around? A high-pitched voice. On that note he releases a self-titled 10-track that boasts production courtesy of his other persona Larry Fisherman. Guest contributions on the project encompass Earl Sweatshirt, Da$h, and Bill, and Mac Miller who provides a verse in his regular voice on "Grandpa Used To Carry A Flask."

By: Petar Kujundzic / Hip hop / November 1, 2013 / 6694 Views
  • Boris

    remind me of that star room song

  • CouncilloroftheExchequer

    Doing Tyler better than Tyler

  • idunnooo

    just turn down the pitch during macs parts and then turn it up for the features, pretty sure thats how his made this for us to listen to.
    Works a treat.

  • MikeyBrock

    This is damn hard to listen to, I hope he'll release it without his voice fixed up.

  • Bendik Blix

    Bill goes hard as fuck!

  • Com_Truise


  • Hugo

    Is he trying to be quasimoto? or he's just messing around? anyway, didn't feel this

  • Heinz.

    Better than Quasimoto.

  • Yannick K.

    He was sure high as fuck

  • brohan


  • Hugo

    said no one ever.

  • HB

    I doubt it ;see "Lord Quasimoto"

  • truth

    fuck earl just bodied the rap game with his verse

  • Jay

    Not better than Quasimoto, but still a pretty good tape

  • lord quas

    man learn hip hop history, madlib quasimoto is the source of this whole shit

  • lord quas

    you should die right now bitch

  • lord quas

    quasimoto is the 1st god in this shite but dont hate, it's good, captain murphy was a good quaslike too

  • Barakon

    not talking about the pitch, he means the dark tone. this tape sounds just like Bastard era Odd Future

  • Yancy

    I fuck with this.

  • mdg95

    tbh mac millers lyrically best project... even though hes biting lord quas i can still enjoy it... but kind of monotonous with this production being os similar on each song.

  • golfwang

    earl going hard as fuck