Kanye West Postpones ‘Yeezus Tour’ Indefinitely

Bad news for those that were hoping to witness Kanye West live on stage in the coming days. Due to an accident in Vancouver, Kanye's 'Yeezus Tour' has been put on hold according to a statement released by Def Jam Records. The tour truck was carrying a custom-made video truss and a 60 foot circular LED screen. As it turns out, neither of these stage essentials can be repaired, so that Kanye has temporarily put shows on hold while he gets new set pieces constructed instead. The Vancouver, Denver, and Minneapolis dates have been postponed, with details on other stops to be announced shortly. Read the official statement below

Yesterday, on the road to Vancouver, a truck carrying The Yeezus Tour’s custom-made video truss and 60-ft circular LED screen was in an accident that damaged the gear beyond repair. This gear is central to the staging of The Yeezus Tour, and central to the creative vision put forth by Kanye West and his design team at DONDA.As a result of this event, it is impossible to put on the show and The Yeezus Tour will be postponed until these essential pieces can be reengineered and refabricated. Kanye West will not compromise on bringing the show, as it was originally envisioned and designed, to his fans. The Vancouver, Denver and Minneapolis dates have been postponed. Further details on the affected tour dates will be announced shortly.

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / November 1, 2013 / 7731 Views
  • Ray J

    Although I respect kanyes vision....he probably trying to do to much but at the same time it would be leaving the people anticipating this concert bitter that they aren't getting the full show so idk.

  • DD

    I think it's a good move to postpone it and not do the show without the equipment. Saw the show last Saturday and I can tell you equipment like the LED screen are so essential to the experience you get when you go to Yeezus. Just be patient y'all, trust.

  • https://soundcloud.com/mrlutheriddler/ Mr Lu the Riddler

    I bet it'll be worth the wait...


  • AdamBergkvist

    But why the f dont they have backup screens? I mean, its a relatively cheap insurance to pay.

  • http://MastersuhdaUniverse.com/ Masters uh da Universe

    "yo, you got the other 60-ft circular led screen,son? niggas broke this one"
    Its not like you can run to best buy and grab another one.

  • AdamBergkvist

    Exactly my point! They are not easy to replace so why dont they have backups. I mean the backup cost is prolly minimal in relation to what they earn from the tour. Its basic risk management. Trust me, for future tours they will have backup gear.

  • Word


  • Consequence

    Yeah, it was her that rammed the truck. And of course, why doesn't he order just another 60ft circular screen. Those things take 5 weeks to make and then 2 to transport to wherever Ye is, he's been on tour like 3 weeks.. It's CALLED PREPERATION... God dammit Kanye, why can't you ever do things the way they're supposed to be, just follow your big brother and fuck the mountain, everybody will be satisfied if they see a less amazing show than you just gave a week ago! LOOK AT GLOW AND THE DARK, EUROPE WAS HAPPY U DIDN'T BRING PHARRELL AND RIHANNA..

    Seriously people, and the first that doesn't hear the sarcasm in that is gonna get that screen delivered on their head,

  • Jabjal

    Bro...you need to work on your sarcasm