Watch Eminem’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Performance with Rick Rubin & Skylar Grey

As we could witness throughout the past couple of weeks, Eminem has been in full promotional mode for his upcoming record MMLP2, which is set to hit shelves on November 5. On that note, Em paid a visit to the glorious halls of Saturday Night Live where he served as the latest musical guest. Hosted by the lovely Kerry Washington, the latest edition of the SNL series saw an energetic Detroit native delivering a liver version of his album cut, for which he was backed up by the song's producer Rick Rubin. In addition, he performed "Survival" along with Skylar Grey, who appears on the tune's chorus. Em will be continuing his promotional push tomorrow by performing at the YouTube Music Awards in the evening.

Eminem - Berzerk Live @ SNL BMF by BlakMusicFirst

Eminem - Survival (Feat. Skylar Grey) Live... by BlakMusicFirst

By: Petar Kujundzic / Live / November 3, 2013 / 3168 Views
  • june

    i think I've listen to 'bad guy' off of mmlp2 about 42 times.
    good job shady.

  • Neal

    Okay em is cool, but really. He only ever "lip-raps" or has his vocals too low to hear.

  • ffff

    his hype man was stupid

  • Neal

    his hype man was the only one of the two you could actually hear

  • mg

    lip synced bezerk

  • TonyTooCool

    stop wit these fake ass comments.

  • gangstablng3

    more like watch eminem lip sing on saturday night live

  • patrick

    just a sad sight...

  • Com_Truise

    Poor Marshall has lost touch with the Hip Hop community. Making the wrong move all the time. Why would you do a performance, when you lip-sync?!