Childish Gambino – Melrose

With each passing week fans of Childish Gambino have been treated to a new track, and continuing the trend of gifts, today Gambino drops off his latest offering, "Melrose." Continuing to showcase his wide range of talent, the new single sees the multitalented artist repeatedly singing the lyrics “Someone gave you all my love” over some mellowed-out piano keys. Glover shared the track via Twitter, tweeting out a link to Jhené Aiko, who he recently collaborated with on her single "Bed Peace." No additional information came along with tune, but we'll all enjoy none the less. Stream the track down below, and for the free download, you can click here. His upcoming album Because The Internet will release December 10.

By: Richard Brooks / Alternative / November 7, 2013 / 9194 Views
  • Jesse Naar

    Bino will you be my baby daddy?


    Hopefully he will come out with the surprise hit of the year with this album and change the music industry for the better. One of the most honest, creative mind of our times right now.

  • Jesus Wept

    Aspirations. You gotta aim for the sky I suppose :/

  • Swank

    I have a feeling Flying Lotus produced this...

  • Desquarius Jnr

    What a beauty, keeps on suprising me, that Gambino!

  • TonyTooCool

    i hav a feeling bino produced this

  • 808

    gambino showing his diversity

  • GrammarPolice

    *Bed Peace.

  • #0

    I have a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night, a good, good night!

  • Brandon Amster

    Now bino singing to me soft side ass nigga. :)

  • BelloKa$H

    I have a feeling is going to sue you

  • Bo Bun

    but it's a lyric tho.

  • Confused_About_Our_Times

    of our times...right now

  • Jesus Wept

    Oh fo real? Boy, do I look stoopid.

  • lm

    get out

  • Com_Truise

    Jeez, I love the last 20 seconds of the song. It's this awesome vintage hollywood movie sound. Amazing track overall. Really impressed with Gambino's catalogue.

  • Jesus Wept

    Awww but I'm chillin tho

  • D. Leyton

    I lost my shit