Chance The Rapper – Fix You (Coldplay Cover)

During his New York stop at Syracuse for his Social Experiment Tour, Chance The Rapper treated the audience to his rendition of Coldplay's "Fix You." While the video doesn't quite do his cover justice, it is enough to appreciate his interpretation and maybe even entice you to catch him in a city near you. To purchase tickets for his first headlining tour click on through here.

By: Selina Tan / Live / November 8, 2013 / 7356 Views
  • Mick Smoothie

    He did that shit at U of I first. Niggggaaa

  • guest

    Shit is wack

  • andy

    i can't see him with macklemore anymore?

    this nigga sucks

  • Mr Lu the Riddler
  • Highbrow Hip Hop

    Hey, thanks for sharing our video! Would you mind citing us in your article please? ( Thanks in advance!

  • old man sage

    what are you? college educated?


  • NiggaG

    Says the person that listens to Macklemore...

  • Purple Drank

    i was making fun of chance for going on tour with that white boy. regardless chance can't rap live he sounds terrible. that cartoon voice shit only works in the studio

  • dtime

    when he preformed this at his show i was confused as fuck