A$AP Rocky – Phoenix

Not too long after bringing us his video for "Angels," A$AP Rocky is already back to deliver another fresh set of aesthetics, this time around for "Phoenix." Michael K. Williams and Joan Smalls star in the intense clip, which notes the couple having seemingly just undergone an argument, and thus, a gun has been whipped out. You will of course have to see the footage through to the end to find out what happens. "Phoenix" was featured on Rocky's Long.Live.A$AP debut. Follow to Miss Info to view if the above player is not working for you.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Music Videos / November 13, 2013 / 8104 Views
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  • gallimaci

    shit sucks. just because asap rocky doesn't mean it's good.

  • woah

    wtf is this garbage ?

  • dasxn

    video doesnt fit the song at all nigga has to much purple n his cup or sum shit makin this weak ass video

  • [email protected]

    this nigga so doodoo my nigga ... I guess this was an attempt to be like "oh I just had a vision man a vision to you know make something that didn't necessarily have to do with the actual song man, I just had a vision" ... boody scented shit

  • bruce sharp

    the fuck did I jus watch?

  • fotofiend666

    This shit was kind of weird but i dont think it sucks http://store.allidosyndicate.com/

  • MikeyBrock

    the converse commercial before the video was better

  • MikeyBrock

    drizzy did it first

  • Wesley Satterwhite

    I might buy some of those converse tho

  • Carlton Yaito

    Lol all this hate being thrown by mystery faces. Do you know the story of the Phoenix? Anyone realize why he's wearing all red in the video? The reason why he's in the same exact environment as them but almost in a since not in the same ''realm''. Lol but you mystery faces just love to hate, so do ya'll thing.

  • Guest

    He's depicting the Devil no?