Watch Kanye West on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

After announcing yesterday that Kanye West would be appearing on his late night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel and Mr. West finally sat down face to face to settle their differences during tonight's airing of Jimmy Kimmel Live. If you didn't catch the live showing, the two went back and forth sharing their thoughts on the situation, and provided an interesting conversation. Unfortunately Ye didn't hit the stage, but the two did go on to show the power of words as they both seemingly squashed the beef. The discussion touched several classic Kanye quotes as well as creativity, the symbiotic relationship between celebrity and paparazzi, Jesus, Steve Jobs, Kanye's career and much more. He even denied that his Twitter rant or his feud with Kimmel was a publicity stunt but used them as a platform to express his frustrations about media. Check out the videos below and share your thoughts.

By: Staff / Live / October 10, 2013 / 12880 Views
  • romey rome

    "i'm not running for office"


  • romey rome

    real talk, real recognize real. thats it.

  • Zeke

    Beautiful interview.

  • vndergrovnd

    kanye I know youll see this, you the man

  • Mike

    Kimmel was nervous in this whole interview

  • Manny Conrad

    As a fan of Kanye West it was great to see him more relaxed. He wasn't as fired up as he usually is. Many people, including myself, won't be able to understand some of the hardships he is going through in terms of the fashion industry, but he did well to translate his emotions in this interview that may have left many people wondering what he was talking about with Zane Lowe.

  • general maccarthur

    i came for blood

  • G O D X I L L ∆

    Waaaay better than the Zane interviews!

  • London Youth

    Kanye is relaxed when he is angry, this was nervous..

  • Samuel

    he did a way better job of getting his message across to the mainstream who have a knack of misinterpreting his messages. he really is a fuckin genius, if only more people understood. you can dislike the guy but you have to respect him

  • kanye west

    my mother made me believe in myself.

  • TonyTooCool

    You're his nervous system?

  • C.Killah

    Kanye is just straight forward, no fucking around. An artist with a vision and goal. Jimmy needs to get off his knees though and grow some cojones.

  • David A. Jimenez

    Big apology from jimmy, great quotes from kanye. Overall funny and interesting view.