TDE Presents Isaiah Rashad: Signing Day

Months after the initial rumors circulated, Isaiah Rashad was finally introduced as part of the TDE camp with the visuals for his song "Shot You Down." Now the label gives us a more candid look at their latest artist by taking us to the day when he signed on the dotted line. Although bottle popping is not innate to the Chattanooga emcee's crew, hard work is. More celebrations will be in Rashad's future if he continues to stay motivated in his new environment.

By: Amani Mrutu / Behind The Scenes / October 1, 2013 / 1939 Views
  • Cleganebowl

    nice after the singles i heard, I was hoping he'd get signed.

  • Adrian Octavious Walker

    dude been cold. perfect looks. TDE taking over

  • mon jadden

    dude is better than kendrick too!

  • JustinValdes

    i wouldn't go that far