Kendrick Lamar Speaks on New Phase in Career & Touring with Kanye West

It seems like Kendrick Lamar is ready to take his career to the next level. Taking a short break from his 'Yeezus Tour' gig, the Compton rapper blessed Philly Friday night for Power 99′s Powerhouse 2013 concert. He caught up with the good folks at Revolt after his performance to talk about his appreciation for music, performing on stage and being ready to create new music:

"I love music, my passion for it, it's my life. It's not just a job, it's really a lifestyle. [Music] is just something I breathe now, I didn’t always breathe it, I was always a fan of it. But now, I really live it so that’s inspiration within itself.

[I'm] really to get back in that studio and locking in and keep continuing with music. Continue to challenge myself.”

He also commented on the 'Yeezus Tour' and his participation in it.

“A lot of people don’t get the opportunity to be on a major stage with that many people and be able to learn. I’m just taking it all in stride and being a student of the game because Kanye, he’s a great performer and I’m not too shabby [Laughs]. I’m just there to really challenge myself, grow myself and really take it to the next level.”