Kanye West’s “Gone” Debuts On Billboard 100

While today all eyes seem to be on #StarbucksDrakeHands, the internet had quite a different sensation just the week before. The digital sphere was buzzing about a YouTube clip uploaded by writer and comedian Marina Shifrin that displayed her dancing at her (now former) Taiwanese employer's office after she quit her job as a video editor. Kanye West's Cam’Ron and Consequence-assisted track "Gone" off of his 2005 Late Registration offering served as the clip's soundtrack. Due to the immense viral response to Shifrin's "I quit" video, Kanye's song has now made its debut on the Billboard 100 at number 18 this week. Better late than never. Indeed.

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / October 10, 2013 / 15549 Views
  • bmnnoboz

    Like this

  • fenga papit

    Whoa this track is over 8 years old???

    Some people really late...

  • David A. Jimenez

    oh man, kanye...

  • Catman69

    finally this song gets the recognition is deserves, Kanye kills the last verse that build up...

  • E

    Eight years later. Maybe now, people will also realize that the first two albums Kanye dropped were the best ones he made