Chuck Inglish featuring Mac Miller & Ab-Soul – Came Thru/Easily

Currently working on a new EP as well as a new album, today Chuck Inglish presents "Came Thru/Easily," highlighting assistance from fellow young guns Mac Miller and Ab-Soul. Chuck of course takes care of the bop-style beat, which then sees himself, Mac, and the TDE rhymer spitting over-top playfully. "Came Thru/Easily" will be featured on Inglish's upcoming EP, Easily, that will be arriving before his solo debut album, Convertibles, lands on February 11. Now, enjoy the triple threat effort below.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Hip hop / October 4, 2013 / 3992 Views / Source: SPIN
  • SI

    love those Chuck Inglish beats

  • fuck

    shit is illlllllllll

  • MarvelAlexander

    damn this shit is incredible

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