Childish Gambino Speaks on Kanye West’s Genius & A$AP Rocky’s Confidence

As the news continues to pour in surrounding Childish Gambino, here we showcase a new interview with the versatile creative, as it notes him sitting down with FUSE. Donald kicks things off by explaining why he writes better in the mornings, then jumps into how he is afraid of being alone, which we have been hearing more of in recent light. Talk then transitions to his admiration for Kanye West, as he himself aims at releasing entire bodies of work, not just albums, that people can get tangled up in for years at a time. Glover also says that he is the most insecure person that he knows and that he could never be someone like A$AP Rocky, who portrays such confidence. He then goes on to say that Rocky had a pretty clever sneak-diss about him recently. To check it all out and more, see above.