Chief Keef – Almighty So (Mixtape)

Chief Keef's new mixtape Almighty So came out at 10:17 p.m. in order to honor his compadre Gucci Mane. Aside from Cdai and Tadoe, the Chicago native has not featured any guest contributions on the DJ Scream-hosted project. Its theme? A more in-depth insight into Keef's personal during some of the legal situations he faced in the last couple of years backed up with the GBE signature drill sound. Stream and download below.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Hip hop / October 13, 2013 / 2898 Views
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  • MikeyBrock

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  • bruh

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  • bruh

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  • bruh

    dont waste ur time bro

  • Real Dude

    your mother's chief queef?!?!!?!?!?? and she posts her music online and makes hell bank of that trap shit?!?!?!? and she just put a $1500 sound system in her sequoia????? take my money

  • Real Dude

    lmao this niggas face looks so retarded for the album art hahahaha why

  • James Milnor

    worse than anything soulja boy, lilb (at least you can understand wtf lil b says), and gucci put together