The Internet – Feel Good (Album Trailer)

With their second full-length album arriving later this month, The Internet have here decided to let loose the first trailer in promotion of Feel Good. The summer-perfect clip features the duo's song "Tell 'em," which will be found on the project. The delivery comes as just earlier this week, Matt Martians and Syd The Kyd dropped off their latest track, "Partners In Crime Part Two." So as anticipation builds for the new Internet compilation, check out the initial trailer above. Feel Good arrives on September 24.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Trailers / September 6, 2013 / 3173 Views
  • javian bryant

    cant wait

  • Dolan

    Where can I get a copy of their first album?

  • wolf_mccloud

    amazon. torrents if you a broke nigga.

  • Dolan

    I mean the real, physical, actual CD. And I don't trust Amazon. My homie bought me a copy of NBA2K and then it broke after 2 weeks of use.

  • wolf_mccloud

    i got mine on amazon when it first came out. i just checked and it's still on there. prime shipping available at that.

  • Valentine416

    You haven't listened to The Internet until you've listened to The Internet on mushrooms. INCREDIBLE.

  • w

    all music sounds better on shrooms
    dont be silly

  • JustKevLuv

    mushrooms make me depressed.....